Kingsmill bread for 59p @ Farmfoods

Kingsmill bread for 59p @ Farmfoods

Found 14th Sep 2015
Popped into my local branch of Farmfoods in Stevenage yesterday and noticed afterwards when looking through my receipt that they charged me £1.18 for two loaves of Kingsmill 800g medium sliced bread. After using one the FF vouchers I managed to get that down to about 55p a loaf. I don't think you can get Kingsmill cheaper...bargain!


in my ff they are 59p each or 2 for a pound

Cheap as its crap bread

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Where is your FF snowflake?


Where is your FF snowflake?


For those that prefer Rathbones and have Morrisons close by 800gm medium for 41p.…516

Super cheap , always buy KIngsmill Tasty Wholemeal

No 2 for a quid in Southend though


Cheap as its crap bread

It's ok bread,better than a lot of the supermarket own brand ones.
Sainsburys normally sell them for £1.00 and Asda for 75p,so it's heat from me.
Not all places have a Farmfoods tho.

Aldi and Lidl have both improved their own loaves in the recent few months and are 49p or 55p depending on store/current offer, both are really nice now and on par with leading brands in terms of quality.
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