Kingsmill & Hovis Bread (800g) 75p @ Farmfoods

Kingsmill & Hovis Bread (800g) 75p @ Farmfoods

Found 25th Sep 2012
Cheaper than all the major supermarkets by 25p or more.
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they keep changing the price, was 3 for £2 a few weeks ago
Hovis bread tends to go mouldy very quick for me. I have no issues with other bread.
Have some heat op as good price for the Kingsmill.
Good price but not the best bread.
It's not just me that gets mouldy Hovis bread long before the use by date!...........heat added though
Haven't been able to bring myself to buy anything from Hovis since the mouse incident...
2 for £1.50 was the most recent. I've been working at ff for 5 months and have never seen the 3 for £3.
Always seems to be shorter dated than the stock in supermarkets!
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