Kingsmill Oatilicious Medium Sliced Bread (800g) 2 for £1.34 at Tesco

Kingsmill Oatilicious Medium Sliced Bread (800g) 2 for £1.34 at Tesco

Found 15th Feb 2011
Kingsmill Oatilicious Medium Sliced Bread (800g) 2 for £1.34 at Tesco

Seems a good price - works out 67p a loaf.

Eat one and freeze one ?
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30p at asda although it was in the reduced bakery/bread section
This does make lovely toast, just like they claim on the ad...voted hot
Got a couple of these in my Tesco home shop delivery this evening. I thought they were a good price

Although if I had a nearby Asda I'd be down there prompto for the 30p price tag!

I agree it makes tasty toast. Voted hot!
its nice bread but its so nice you will eat it all the time then get sick of it, if i even saw a piece of oat bread now i would punch it.
Tastes utter ****
OP, you seriously freeze your bread???

Nothing like a 'fresh' bread, eh?!
lovely bread.
do you know when the offer ends ?
Tastes good
Nice bread, they were doin 2 for £1 in Tesco last week.
thanks will pick up a couple

OP, you seriously freeze your bread???Nothing like a 'fresh' bread, eh?!

I freeze bread nothing wrong with it at all means you can stock up on these offers and put a couple in the freezer, just take it out the day before you need it and it's fine, just don't keep it in there too long as you may get freezer burn on it which makes it a bit stiff ideal for breadcrumbs though!
Bought this yesterday.

Tastes rank.
I freeze bread all the time -- no difference when defrosted.
Goddammit. Dont freeze your bread! No, seriously! You lot have been doing the wrong thing.

Bread is meant to be eaten fresh or fresh-like. At least refrigerate it to make it last longer but NEVER freeeze it!
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