Kingston 1.0gb Mini SD + 14 in 1 Card Reader
Kingston 1.0gb Mini SD + 14 in 1 Card Reader

Kingston 1.0gb Mini SD + 14 in 1 Card Reader

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Kingston 1.0gb Mini SD + 14 in 1 Card Reader

Kingston's 1GB Mini SD card is a small and lightweight memory card, As one of the more popular new memory card it makes them a great card for used in the latest mobile phones, digital cameras and other digital devices.

Produced to meet very high standards the Mini SD card is extremely reliable and has a large range of compatible devices of which it will function in (some with the use of the adapter). With the us of the included adapter, Kingston's Mini SD cards can be made into the size of a regular SD in order to fit and function in card readers and SD compatible devices.

Key features;

No moving parts
Non-Volatile - Data maintained with no power
Comes with FREE protective plastic case - Holds adaptor and card
High compatibility - Tested with a wide range of devices.
Small size - .84" x.78" x.05" (21.5 mm x 20.0 mm x 1.4 mm)
Can be used in SD compatible devices with the use of the adapter.
Transfer Rate - 52x - 7.85 MB/sec read rate (same when used with adapter)
37x - 5.5 MB/sec write rate (same when used with adapter)
5 year warranty
Large 1GB capacity
N.B. Mini SD and RS-MMC are similar sizes but are not compatible

With the 14 in 1 card reader you can transfer files between computers and memory cards quickly and easily. Its possible to transfer, save, duplicate and delete any types of file including data, videos, pictures, music and games applications.

You just simply insert the card into its corresponding slot on the reader then insert the reader into the USB socket of your PC. Your data is immediately available as an extra drive on the computer.

Compatible with:

SD Card
Mini SD Card
Micro SD (TransFlash)
MMC Mobile
MMC Plus
Memory Stick
Memory Stick-Pro
Memory Stick-Duo
Memory Stick-Pro Duo
Pro MG

full speed USB V1.1 or V2.0 connectivity
read and write flash memory card
Plug - and - Play
a convenient and fast data exchange device for MP3, PDA, Digital camera etc.
USB interface
Power LED indicator
supports Windows 98/SE/ME/200/XP
2 Year Warranty


- kyalion


Voted cold... no picture and no price.

Have a read of these...

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Fair comment about price and pics. First ost so I'll take it on the chin and do better next time I post.


Your post including delivery comes to £15.98.I'd have to say I ordered … Your post including delivery comes to £15.98.I'd have to say I ordered this one ][COLOR=red]here[/COLOR] about 1 hour before your post and its only £10.75 + delivery = £13.70 delivered. ( it is a microSD one though )

So not the same at all

welcome kyalion
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