Kingston 128GB SSD only £179.99 delivered @play

Kingston 128GB SSD only £179.99 delivered @play

Found 10th Jan 2010
I know this still isn't anywhere near as cheap as an equivalent hard drive but it's the cheapest I've found this particular drive and would be and ideal upgrade for a laptop/netbook. According to a review on ebuyer, this can reduce windows boot time from 2 minutes 30 to just 30 seconds. Also loading programs can be done in under one as opposed to 5.


Cheaper from ]here with the 20% discount

Fair enough its size, but its R/W speeds are sluggish in comparison to others.

I would reccomend getting say the 80GB Intel / 64GB Samsung drives, or even the new Kingston/Intel 40GB drives, along with a 1TB HDD if its for a PC.

The latter would provide the same benefits for a desktop, but faster speeds, and more storage space.

Yet another JMicron based drive. Avoid.

This uses a tweaked Jmicron controller and seems to avoid the usual stuttering issues according to this review:…/p1

- Simon.

P.S. Spelling error "Kingston" in the title.
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