Kingston 1GB Data Traveler USB 2.0 Flash Drive - £15.99 delivered

Kingston 1GB Data Traveler USB 2.0 Flash Drive - £15.99 delivered

Found 9th Aug 2006
This Kingston 1GB Data Traveler USB 2.0 Flash Drive is just £15.99 delivered at

* Ideal for home office, small business, schools + promotions
* Works with virtually any device with a USB port
* 1 GB capacity lets you store almost any kind of document
* PC + Mac compatible, Five-year warranty
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Thanks Cat
Hmmm.. it's not that a great deal....

] sells these for £13.59 inc VAT.
Or you can get the 2Gb model for £47.58.

] sells the 1Gb Kingstons for £12.91 inc VAT.

And sells the 1Gb model for £15.95 inc VAT.
(They also have a Dabs Value 2Gb model for £24.99 inc VAT)

But, okay, these prices all exclude P&P.

But... err... shop around.
Still the cheapest among those unclemike, I can't seem to find the one on ebuyer, and the one from savastore costs over £19 to deliver to n.ireland.

This is a site were we share deals, not go out our way to needlessly pick at peoples deals (not just mine as i've noticed)!

Keep posting your deals though ......
Maybe UncleMike should post some deals instead of complaining all the time!
From my side, I say Thank You for posting this deal!
Thanks alien7
I bought one of these some time ago and it's been worth every penny. I've had absolutely no problems with it and it's small and light too! :thumbsup:
"Hmmm.. it's not that a great deal...."

"But, okay, these prices all exclude P&P.

But... err... shop around."

Unclemike there is nothing wrong with pointing out if you find an item cheaper elsewhere but it helps if you word it in such a way that it doesn't sound offensive. Millarcat happens to be a well respected mod on here and has way more expereince in finding deals than the majority of us. You are not the only one that does this so i'm not trying to single you out but havin an attitude like that really does put people off posting deals for fear of being slagged off. If people don't post deals then we don't save money.
Cheers just bought one for going back to college !
Sorry guys... it wasn't meant to sound offensive.

And I did do some research to constructively show why I said
that. So I was trying to be helpful aswell.

I'm sure someone will find it useful to know they can get a
2Gb model for just a tenner more.

(Stepping off his soap box.)
Yes, 2 gb model for a tenner more. Even better option here ....

A DVD disc (4.7GB storage) for just 10p

Straight to the point; did you find a better deal than millarcat's inc delivery ?

You prefer to moan at every other thread this way.
No prob mate. As i said i didn't mean you were being offensive it's just people are so quick sometimes to put other deals down. You were right to point out the better value option but i think it was just the way it was worded that caused the prob. In that case i'm sorry too
Thanks boxblu

Unclemike, as boxblu said it was the way it was worded that caused the problems, not pointing out another deal, it seems though that from your last post that you didnt mean to cause offence.

But thats it all over now and forgotton about

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