Kingston 2GB Micro SD Card With 2 Adapters For Mini And Standard SD (Mobile) £6.99 del

Kingston 2GB Micro SD Card With 2 Adapters For Mini And Standard SD (Mobile) £6.99 del

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Found 30th May 2008
First post, so easy. Thought this was a good price.

The microSD card alone provides plenty of removable storage for music, games, ringtones, photos, movies and other applications on mobile phones.

Slip the microSD card into the miniSD adapter and transform it into a miniSD storage card for personal media players, smartphones, MP3 players or other miniSD-enabled devices.

Capture photos from your digital camera by making the microSD a full-size SD card with the adapter and then view images with the Kingston SD-enabled readers or on your TVs SD slot.

Quickly and easily save files on a notebook computer with a full-size SD slot when the SD adapter is used with the microSD card.

Trust Kingstons microSD card with its convenient adapters at home, in the office, at the airport, in an Internet cafe, at school. All cards come with a lifetime warranty, 24/7 technical support and legendary Kingston® reliability.

Main Specifications:
Capacities1: 2 GB
Dimensions: 0.43" x 0.59" x 0.039" (11mm x 15mm x 1mm)
Operating Temperature: -13° F to 185° F (-25° C to 85° C)
Storage Temperature: -40° F to 185° F (-40° C to 85° C)
Weight: 0.096 oz (2.7g)
Standardized: complies with SD Card Association version 1.10 specification standard
Compatible: with miniSD and SD host devices via the adapters
Versatile: when combined with the included adapters, can be used as a full-size SD card with write protection switch or as a miniSD card to transfer data
Ultra-Portable: extremely small footprint design.
Guaranteed: lifetime warranty
Simple: as easy as plug and play
Economical: low power consumption for better device battery life


Seems good. voted hot and rep added for you. I've already got a mini sd card and was looking for an adapter to convert it to standard sd so that it'll easyily fit in the slot on my laptop. Think I'll go for this unless anyone can recommend a cheap mini sd - standard sd adaptor?

i bought this the other day from there as the usb adaptor is pretty handy for an extra quid…tml

Slightly off topic but doesn anyone know of a good car head unit that accepts and SD/min sd cards and has built in bluetooth?
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