Kingston 2GB SD Card - 4 PACK [4 x 2GB] - £16.79 delivered @ MyMemory (£4.20 each) !

Kingston 2GB SD Card - 4 PACK [4 x 2GB] - £16.79 delivered @ MyMemory (£4.20 each) !

Found 19th Jun 2008
Use code kingsday to get this price.

£4.20 each inc delivery. Good deal for those who need more than one SD card.

- Compliant - with the SD Card Association card specification
- Up to 5MB/sec. read rate
- Up to 1.5MB/sec. write rate
- Small - about the size of a postage stamp (24mm x 32mm x 2.1mm)
- Secure - built-in write-protect switch prevents accidental data loss
- Operating Temperature 0o to 60o C / 32o to 140o F
- Storage Temperature -20o - 85o C / -4o to 185o F
- Reliable - lifetime warranty


A bit pish, imo. Swapping memory cards is a pain in the ****, and you can buy a single 8GB MicroSD card with the MicroSD to SD adaptor for only a couple of quid more at Faster to write to and read from, considerably more convenient to use, compatible with more devices, and more futureproof.

I think it's a good deal :thumbsup:

My current Canon won't accept anything bigger than a 2gb card and neither will my card reader :?

It may be a pain but I can't get round it, and seeing as memory is now so cheap I don't bother removing pictures from the card, just buy another card.
I remember paying about £50 for a 512mb card when they first started appearing and I had to shop around for that ;-)

I also need 8 cards for a school project (I'm donating them, good of me :roll:), so would rather buy these than buy bigger cards that I can't afford.

That's it, lunchtime over back to work.

Looks like there could be 4% quidco too?
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