Kingston 8gb SDHC Memory card (new) £4.84 @ Ebay/kvj-f

Kingston 8gb SDHC Memory card (new) £4.84 @ Ebay/kvj-f

Found 21st Oct 2013
Decent price for an 8gb memory card including delivery I Think. Bought a camera yesterday for the Mrs for xmas and shared on here. Anyone who needs a memory card to go with it or just a new memory card may be worth a purchase at this price.

Not into cameras too much so cant comment on the quality but should do the job. 108 left at time of posting
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Buying a memory card on eBay is like buying a car from a random guy in the pub.
Your asking for trouble.
I agree, I have one of these and it doesn't work properly. I wonder where anuj jain
76 Whitchapel High Street sources these from
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Fair enuff entitled to your opinions. Ive bought 2 on Ebay before 4gb ones and had no problem.
A while ago before i knew anything about memory cards i bought a micro sd card off eBay thinking it was an amazing deal. It worked fine at first and then when it got around half full all of the files started corrupting. Instead of 32GB it was more like 16GB because it was a fake.
KVJ Fairdeal - never had a problem with items from them. Made my first purchase there in 1983 (TDK AD90 cassettes !!).
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