Kingston HyperX 1GB 800Mhz DDR2 Computer Memory @PLAY.COM £17.49
Kingston HyperX 1GB 800Mhz DDR2 Computer Memory @PLAY.COM £17.49

Kingston HyperX 1GB 800Mhz DDR2 Computer Memory @PLAY.COM £17.49

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Main Features:
Power supply: Vdd: 1.8V ± 0.1V, Vddq: 1.8V ± 0.1V
Double-data-rate architecture: Two data transfers per clock cycle
Bidirectional data strobe(DQS)
Differential clock inputs(CK and CK)
DLL aligns DQ and DQS transition with CK transition
Programmable Read latency 5 (clock)
Burst Length: 4, 8 (Interleave/nibble sequential)
Programmable Burst type (sequential & interleave)
Timing Reference: 5-5-5-15 at +1.8V / 5-5-5-15 at +2.0V
Edge aligned data output, center aligned data input
Auto & Self refresh, 7.8us refresh interval (8K/64ms refresh)
Serial presence detect with EEPROM
High Performance Heat Spreader
PCB : Height 1.180" (30.00mm), double sided component
Clock Cycle Time (tCK): CL=5 3ns (min.) / 8ns (max.)
Row Cycle Time (tRC): 54ns (min.)
Refresh to Active/Refresh Command Time (tRFC): 105ns
Row Active Time (tRAS): 39ns (min.) / 70,000ns (max.)
Single Power Supply of +1.8V (+/- .1V)
Power: 1.922 W (operating)
UL Rating: 94 V - 0
Operating Temperature: 0o C to 55o C
Storage Temperature: -55o C to +125o C

Kingston HyperX memory is designed based on the latest DDR specifications available, and is 100% tested at Kingston's flagship factories. Plus, these Kingston modules come with the standard Kingston lifetime warranty and toll-free Tech Support. Built with the best-quality components, Kingston HyperX is competitively priced and is the choice for the serious gamer.


a photo would be helpful

I could do with 2x2GB of these.
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