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Kirkland washing powder 400 wash £15.99 @ Costco
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Kirkland washing powder 400 wash £15.99 @ Costco

Posted 26th May 2013

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I picked this up in costco the other week. I'm pretty sure I paid less instore but the £15.99 price online includes next day delivery. It's not a massive brand but does a good job for me I just pick up a nice fabric softener to use with it and will last a while. Unfortunately online you have to buy at least 2 but if you are a member or know someone who is picking it up in store will save you money and having to buy 2. It is currently going for £35.58 on amazon so really is cheap. Considering I used to pay an average of around £4 for 38 wash of daz when it's on a deal which is 10.5p a wash as the Kirkland wash works out at 3.99p a wash which works out a lot of saving in the end.

Kirkland Signature Non-Bio Laundry Detergent is excellent for more than just household laundry, its also great for commercial laundry. Formulated to absorb oil spills it is great for pre–treating all tough stains. This detergent is even designed for general Janitorial needs, cleaning all kinds of surfaces floors, walls and even patios!
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Kirkland is Costco's own brand so comparing it to Amazon is pointless, who ever it is on Amazon purchased from Costco so will obviously be higher.

All that said and done its not bad, and they also do a good conditioner in a big bottle with a tap.
I've yet too come across a Kirkland product that isn't quality,therefore Heat !
Going to Costco on Tuesday so will take a look. Thanks Heat added.
Is it member only?
I'm using this atm and you only need a small amount for each wash, doesn't leave much of a scent on clothes but I use a fabric softener which smells nice, clothes come out clean and not had a problem with whites or darks.

Noticed this at the bottom of the page:Published prices are for members & … Noticed this at the bottom of the page:Published prices are for members & online subscribers only.A surcharge of 5% (+VAT at the standard rate) will be added to total purchases made by non-Costco UK members and non costco.co.uk online subscribers.So it looks like you can buy online without membership. You just pay a bit more. Strange why they limit memberships in the UK depending on what your job is, whilst the US and Canada aren't limited by this.Hot deal anyway!

Yes I always found it curious why they should restrict membership according to what profession you had. A number of years ago I was put off applying because my job in IT did not appear on the list of acceptable professions at the time(e.g. Civil Servant etc.) - interesting way to attract customers!
I always think it's a pity that Costco don't give away samples of stuff like this. I have seen this in Costco before but have always been put off-I don't want to spend £16 if it doesn't work!!

So, can someone who has used it please publish a mini-review (Or better still post me a sample to try!!)
Kirkland is high quality but just doesn't have the branded name on it unless the vender wants it on there like Starbucks and jelly beans. For example Kirkland make Duracell battery's for Duracell then have there own which is the same but has Kirkland on it.
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