Kiss Kiss Bang Bang DVD £1 @ Poundland (instore)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang DVD £1 @ Poundland (instore)

Found 5th Feb 2009Made hot 5th Feb 2009
Personally I think this is a great film (that I paid a great deal more for) and at this price I have been recommending everyone I know to buy it. This is my first post so hope I have not missed anything. I get so many bargains off here I hope someone can benefit from this!

Petty thief Harry Lockhart (Robert Downey Jr.) stumbles into an actors audition whilst on the run and before he knows what's happening is whisked off to Hollywood for a screen test. Harry is teamed with ruthless, relentlessly tough and gay private eye Perry van Shrike (Val Kilmer), nicknamed Gay Perry to prepare for his film role. Then Harry meets his childhood sweetheart, Harmony (Michelle Monaghan), a failing actress working the party scene. And then the bodies start turning up and what began as a free trip to L.A. may result in Harry's one-way ticket to the city morgue.

IMDB Score: 7.9/10 ( 47,741 votes)

Cheapest online: £3.98 (usually around £5)


A fantastic movie and a bargain at one hundred shiny new pence!

Voted hot! :thumbsup:

Top film. Red hot price.

This is a really good film-at a bargain price.
Highly recommend it.

Great film and a bargain for a pound!!

The first film written and directed by Shane Black who was the first screenwriter to be paid a million dollars for a script. He wrote Lethal Weapon, Last Boy Scout and many more... (sorry, geek alert)

Holy hell, is Warner dumping their entire inventory into Poundland or what?

This film is amazing, have some heat!

Great Film well worth a Quid, heat Added


Hot Heat indeeedeeee.......great entertainment for one of your british pounds..........:thumbsup:

Excellent film - funny, great dialogue, not too much of a bulls**t story. If only I lived near a poundland....

Fantastic film, for a pound it's an absolute must-have.

Wish my local branch stocked stuff as good as this. Cracking film. H&R added.

Criminally underrated and ignored - loved this film! I bught it 6 months ago for 3 quid and thought THAT was a bargain!
Heated up!

Great film, shamefully went under the radar. Robert Downey is superb as always.

At last - a quality film in the bargain bins!

Fantastic movie, I'd buy it even if it was 4 quid

heat added

Bromley store has loads of these in, picked 1 up today.

Fantastic film. In stock in Poundland, Keighley.

In stock at Motherwell .Heat and Rep added
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