Kit Kat Christmsas Bar 19p @ Home Bargains

Kit Kat Christmsas Bar 19p @ Home Bargains

Found 21st Dec 2010Made hot 21st Dec 2010
went into Hom Bargains today and they had KiKat Christmas Bars for 19p by the checkout!! Fab price brought 6! (5 for xmas and 1 for me!!)


Love Home Bargains!!!!!!!!! Yummy cheap chocolate

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was so tempted 2 get more lol X)

Good that you treated yourself!

I seen the christmas ones of these (2 sticks) at the airport for 82p !! You can get a 4 stick for 50p so these 2 stick monsters seem to be pretty good value

great price

ughhh went home bargains earliar!

I got some of these at the weekend and some more yesterday...they are very moorish mmm !!
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