Kit Kat Chunky - 8 for £1 at Asda, both instore and online
Kit Kat Chunky -  8 for £1 at Asda, both instore and online

Kit Kat Chunky - 8 for £1 at Asda, both instore and online

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Instore and online, 4 pack of kit kat chunkies are £1.08 but the offer is 2 packs for £1, getting 2 packs cheaper than you would usually get 1


Not sure why people are voting this cold - if its true its a very good deal!

it is true.......i`ve bought some!

are the toffee crisps on offer as well (they usually are)

dont like kit kats

theres a few choices of multipacks to choose from.

yes it is a good deal ive brought some too but theres more than kitkats on offer theres toffee crisps £1.08 per pkt of 4 or 2 pkts for a £1 & choc aero the same if theres any left voted hot:thumbsup:

wish my 'local' asda was closer:-(

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this deal also includes aeros and toffee crisps as previously mentioned

Yes it's a good deal. I've just got 2 six packs of diet sprite or whatever they call it these days for £2. One six pack is £2.29 so they have some real bargains at the moment.

i have voted this 'hot' At the time of posting of posting the deal has warmed up to over 48 deg:thumbsup: . I don't know what some peoples problem is with supermarket deals - i had some neg. feedback with a couple of confectionary items from Asda too. I can well understand that the site will quickly clog up, if EVERY time a s/market has a reduction it gets posted, but it is surely the diversity of deals that makes it interesting - i can only assume that someone has had a bad experience with a kit-kat:oops:

I bet when I go down there their take them off the shelfs until next month like with the ipods.

thanks this will get me through a few breaks
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