Kit Kat Senses 5 for a £1 at co-op!!!

Kit Kat Senses 5 for a £1 at co-op!!!

Found 24th Apr 2008Made hot 25th Apr 2008
Went into co-op next to where I work and went to pay for one of them new kit kats for 49p, the lady at the till told me there selling 5 for a £1 in the dump bins, might only be the one branch, I couldn't say!


I can't believe they're going to suddenly sell them that cheap nationally. Nestle have been paying a lot of money for these bars to be displayed prominently near checknuts in supermarket chains. I reckon they overstocked where you are

I saw them today also. In the multipacks at Co-Op Local. 5bars in the multipack for £1.

Hot and rep/. Nice they are also.

Also £1 in Aberystwyth.

£1 in our SU Co-op store at Essex University

Wow! will check it out today - cheers op!

Voted hot, I'll check my local one out when I get the chance, thanks

Their yummy !

99p in one of the Knutsford stores too...I was going to buy some myself yday but had forgotten my wallet - grrr!

their only 165 calories per bar. lol I

Yep, same here in Nottingham, picked a couple of packs up yesterday.

In Ipswich the kit kat senses, kit kat chunky and aero are all £1 for the 5 packs.


Yay! Got a pack of 5 for a quid at my coop!
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