Kit sound boombar reduced to clear £12 at tesco instore (Peterborough)

Kit sound boombar reduced to clear £12 at tesco instore (Peterborough)

Found 1st Sep 2016
Spotted earlier instore Peterborough. Not sure if nationwide but seemed a decent buy for £12.


Can you be more specific please,how much was it originally and what colour/s?

Good deal. I purchased it for £20 about 2 months ago.

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£25 I think

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I saw pink, purple and black

I've had one for years and it gives out a much better sound than the overpriced Beats pill I got for my daughter.

Available at Tesco Outlet £15, refurbished but over 347 sold, free delivery, 12 month warranty.

They've been generally clearing these in Tesco's in the cardboard box.. retail package is now a transparanet plastic box (seems worse environmentally?).. I've seen these on offer at various prices in various branches..

Incidentally if you peel off the side were the switch is (yes I do own one - they're great btw) there's a secret SD Card slot.. I've not tried anything in there myself but someone on amazon claimed it works!

I'll add.. seen them between £10 and £20.. I wouldn't pay more than £20, because I've seen it so many times at that price (ticker price is £30) but it's worth every penny of that IMO. Also it uses a common generic Nokia type battery which is cheap to replace or get a backup one..
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