Kitchen Craft Bagel Cutter Guillotine Gadget, £13.17 @ Amazon Prime (£15 non-prime)

Kitchen Craft Bagel Cutter Guillotine Gadget, £13.17 @ Amazon Prime (£15 non-prime)

Found 11th Feb 2017
Fantasic product for Bagel Lovers, highly reviewed everywhere. Cheapest price £13.17 with free delivery

The fast and safe way to slice bagels in half
Simple to use - insert bagel, push down, remove
Features a sharp stainless steel blade
Non-slip base
Guillotine's top shelf is dishwasher safe

With an item for every culinary occasion, Kitchen Craft covers all bases to ensure you're never left short-handed in the kitchen.Slice bagels safely in one swift stroke. This handy gadget protects fingers and cuts through any size of bagel - simply place in the base, slot the blade holder over the top, push down to cut then pull up to reveal your perfectly halved bagel, all ready to load up with delicious fillings.Dishwasher safe (top shelf only).18 x 10 x 23.5cm H.

18 x 10 x 23.5cm H.
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Or get a decent bread knife.
Just use a bread knife. It's really not that hard to cut a bagel.
aaaaah Idle Hands!!!!!
i would really want to stick my member in that
DIY circumcision?
A mate of mine does a magic trick with something almost identical to this. I might have to swap it for one of these. Just for the lulz you understand.
OMG - really!!! Another pointless gadget to add to the kitchen cupboard because by the time you have got it out of the cupboard, you could have sliced one with a knife. The only people it would've good for would be the cafes and I doubt if they would go to the expense of it. TOTAL LANDFILL RUBBISH
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