KitchenAid 5FGA Food Grinder for Stand Mixers (76.50 in Lakeland.) £25.05 Amazon

KitchenAid 5FGA Food Grinder for Stand Mixers (76.50 in Lakeland.) £25.05 Amazon

Found 26th Jun 2017
Morning all,

I love my KitchenAid and keep an eye out for attachments to add to it. This seems to be the lowest price recorded on camelcamelcamel (admittedly I only discovered this website this morning!).…rch

Hope it helps someone. It's received some fairly conflicting reviews online, albeit mostly positive. Personally, I'm willing to take a risk for the price bearing in mind it's 85 in Debenhams and on KitchenAid website and 76.50 in both John Lewis and Lakeland.

Designed exclusively to work with all KitchenAid Stand Mixer Models - Simply attach to the multipurpose attachment hub powered by the stand mixer
Food grinder (5FGA) to mince meat and chop. Meat should be extremely cold, even partially frozen, for best processing.
Also used for mincing and grinding fish, vegetables, dried bread, nuts, firm-fleshed fruits as well as cheese.
It comes with coarse and fine stainless grinding plates
Also comes with a food pusher
Four self sharpening stainless steel blades
Coarse and fine stainless steel grinding plates
Food stomper
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Thanks, have ordered!
We have this attachment and use it lots to make our own mince.
My wife much prefers mince made this way.
Depending how much you intend to do at one time, you may want to consider the tray that fits around this and gives you more space to work with (unfortunately it is at usual Kitchenaid inflated prices).
Voted Hot.
Thanks, ordered. Not an attachment I'd considered before but that's a great price so even if I don't use it I 'll be able to sell it on.
Thanks and ordered! I have no use for it but I might, just might, use it at some point... like that pasta attachment I bought 3 years ago and it's still pristine...
These are really good. Actually works better than the dedicated electric mincer I bought.
Great for making your own burgers or sausages.
Price gone up 36.99 now
Phew, was worried you'd all 'mince me' with it being my first deal. (I'm here all week ladies and Gents!)
typical was just about to get one as a present for someone and the greedy gits bump it up to £36.99!
Still available in Amazon Warehouse

Still available in Amazon Warehouse

Thank you - ordered
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