Kite Runner DVD 2.99 free del. @ HMV

Kite Runner DVD 2.99 free del. @ HMV

Found 21st Jan 2010Made hot 21st Jan 2010
Really good film for very good price, it is worth 2.99?... see yourself:…rds


Nice find, good price 2!

Been this price for a week or so in HMV. Kite Runner is one of my favourite movies of all time, bought it on blu ray from zavvi for £6.95, please just take the chance and buy it on dvd it's only £2.99, can promise you wont be dissapointed

There will be people coming on here soon telling us all how much better the book is and that the film is not very good........I've not read the book, but think the film is great.

I love this film, and, yes as always the book is better, but that does not detract in anyway from this outstanding film I payed £14.99 when it first came out - still worth it

Got the blu ray from tesco entertainment for £5

wonderful film, I read the book immediately afterwards, then bought the other book. all because of seeing this film.

thanks i might get this for my mum do you know if i can use a gift card online?



Got the blu ray from tesco entertainment for £5

Me too. I posted that deal!

My son loves this book so I've bought the dvd now thanks for posting the offer:thumbsup:
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