Kitsound BOOM DAB £50 @ Kitsound - Looks to be £78.99+ everywhere else.

Kitsound BOOM DAB £50 @ Kitsound - Looks to be £78.99+ everywhere else.

Found 12th Aug 2016
I was looking at another DAB alarm bluetooth box and saw one of these on ebay did a google and it was cheaper on kitsound's website.
Seems to be £100+ everywhere else

DAB / DAB+ / FM radio – Using either DAB or FM, you can listen to your favourite radio stations with ease. Up to twenty different stations can be allocated a preset with the Boom DAB, so you never have to worry about retuning manually. The incredible clarity of sound achieved by the DAB and DAB+ should not be missed.

Multi connectivity – One of the most defining features of the Boom DAB is its multi connectivity. You can connect your device using Bluetooth or line in connectivity, and there is even a USB charging output so that you do not have to worry about your device running out of power while you use it.

Dual alarm clock – Perfect for organising your weekdays and your weekends – or perhaps giving yourself two alarms to make sure you get up in the morning – the Boom DAB have two alarm clock systems, both with sleep and snooze functionality.

Excellent authentic audio – A powerful 20 Watts is encased in the Boom DAB, along with some beautiful tuning and tinkering to make sure that every song sounds clear and rich. The authentic sound means that you will be able to imagine yourself there, while the sensitivity means that you will not miss a beat.

The KitSound Boom DAB – Whether you want a speaker or a radio, Bluetooth or line in, FM or DAB+, the KitSound Boom DAB has it all.
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Don't think it's got an earphone socket, deal-breaker for me but still HOT!
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