Kitsound Chorus Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker £39.99 Delivered From Vodafone Ebay Store (Can Be Had For 37 Quid - Read On!)

Kitsound Chorus Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker £39.99 Delivered From Vodafone Ebay Store (Can Be Had For 37 Quid - Read On!)

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Found 11th Dec 2016
70-ish quid elsewhere and gets very good user reviews.Vodafone Ebay Store does it again with a kitsound bargain!

Get it for 37 quid by adding the 99p Apple Adapter to the order to get a 10% discount on the full order!


200 in stock at time of posting.

Kitsound Chorus Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

Introducing the KitSound™ Chorus

Televisions have been getting thinner and thinner, but so has their sound. The Chorus returns to you what is missing in depth of sound quality, giving clarity to dialogue, and greater depth and detail to music and sound effects.

Immersive sound

This sleek soundbar seriously enhances the audio from your television allowing you to connect with the visuals so much more, and giving you a whole new level of enjoyment. The impressive 60 W means you can now finally start to experience your favourite films, shows, and television series' how their creators intended. No longer will you need to rewind the scene four times or find yourself reaching for the subtitles: with our Chorus the sound is broadened and separated, so every moment can be experienced in crystal clarity.

Simple connectivity

The Chorus is not only beautiful but simple, making it easier than ever before to connect to your home technology. The optical and line inputs make connection to your television quick and simple. The Bluetooth wireless setting allows a quick and easy connection with your smart phone or tablet, and once connected your music can be heard through the Chorus almost immediately.

Slim line design

No one wants to feel crowded in by their technology, and that's why at KitSound, the way that our soundbars look is so important to us. Whether you decide to mount your Chorus on your wall, or slip it unobtrusively underneath your television, it blends into its surroundings - the slim line design meaning that you will only notice the difference in sound quality, not the soundbar itself.

Other features

Not only perfect for transforming the sound you listen to, the Chorus is also immensely practical. It has a USB charging slot on one side, and it comes with wall brackets to give you the option of how you set it up in your home. We have included a remote control, but if you're a more tactile person (or if you frequently lose your remotes) you can always use the touch buttons on the very top of the Chorus itself.

The KitSound Chorus

Just like the chorus is the most exciting part of a song, the KitSound Chorus can now make your movies and music that much more exciting. Bring the joy of enriched sound to your home with the KitSound Chorus.

About KitSound

We are craftspeople. We are musicians. We are KitSound and we all commit ourselves to achieving one shared goal: Bringing people closer to their music. By understanding music we stay true to its craft. Pure, rich, incredible sound. We settle for nothing less.


Frequency response: 40 Hz - 20kHz

Output RMS: 60 W

Speaker magnets: NdFeB

Bluetooth range: up to 10 m

3.5 mm aux inputs: 1

Optical inputs: 1

Unit size: H57 x W900 x D70 (mm)
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I have one. pretty decent. remote is awful.

I have one. pretty decent. remote is awful.

Same here, sounds OK but remote truly is shocking!
Iv got one aswell, bought it for same price at tescos a while back. And like others have said is pretty decent soundbar/bt audio speaker for the money.
Theres a one at Aldi at the min now too. Bit more expensive with a sub woofer or whatever the big box speaker is
have this and it's great.def worth the £37
Can this be connected to a PS4 and PC?
Good sound for the price, nice and clear perfect for the Xbone. Handy to bluetooth music over onto also. Bass not overwhelming for obvious reasons but goes up to a decent volume without distortion.
Does it have an IR repeater. 51mm height will cover my tv's remote sensor.
Gone up to £90.

Does it have an IR repeater. 51mm height will cover my tv's remote sensor.

​No it doesn't.
Back down again!
I ordered a week ago at £39 and haven't heard a thing since. I emailed and received an automated reply saying 'maybe a delay but will have before Xmas' so fingers crossed it turns up.
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