Kitsound Jive DAB Retro Radio in Cream or Blue £35 Tesco Fforestfach

Kitsound Jive DAB Retro Radio in Cream or Blue £35 Tesco Fforestfach

LocalFound 19th May 2015
I know noone like a branch specific deal, but it might help someone.
Our expensive Pure DAB packed up yesterday and I saw this in the shop. Checked online and is £75 @ Tesco Direct. Good reviews and listening to it now, easily as good as our ex Pure Evoke. Quite good looking too.
About 6 Blue and 1 Cream left.
Details here:…prd

Changes £15 of Tesco Clubcard voucers in the boost, so new DAB for a fiver!
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Pretty little thing & worth £35; hot!
Its says £75
Cos it's a store specific deal Majestic7, might benefit someone near the shop.
Tidy (_;)
Is there aux input on these?
Heat because it's fforestfach!!
no aux in. Very 1960's.

Is there aux input on these?


no aux in. Very 1960's.

Buy it because you want a DAB radio and want to listen to the radio would be my advice. I hate DAB radio, one of the worst implemented digital systems ever.…is/
Edited by: "fishmaster" 20th May 2015
I agree that the way DAB was implemented was rubbish and many of the radios on sale make the process of finding stations horribly complicated. I will put up the DAB system in my modern MINI as one of the worst.
But I have to say that the interface on this Kitsound is the simplest I have come across and I think it benefits from keeping it all simple. The big DAB plus for me is being able to easily listen to a few stations that I used to listen to in London down here in Swansea, without the complicaton of using an online service.

no aux in. Very 1960's.

If it's 1960's then surely it should be an FAB radio?
Love the design and I do like the Kitsound brand.
Hot deal!
This was at £45 for quite a while so if they have put it back up to £75, it'll just be temporary, I'm sure.
Was priced up at £75 at Beckton but they are very inaccurate in that store and don't support Scan As You Shop
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