Kitty Surprise £7.50 instore @ Tesco (£24.99 @ Smyths)

Kitty Surprise £7.50 instore @ Tesco (£24.99 @ Smyths)

Found 6th Jan 2017
Surprise! It's a Kitty! Every girl dreams of getting a kitty and with Kitty Surprise all of her dreams and wishes come true when her new Mom arrives. Will there be 3, 4, or 5 kittens? Find out how many kittens Mom has when you open her pouch and reach inside. You might have twins, a boy or girl! Only you will know! Just like the Puppies, there are 2 Waves of Kittens each with an assortment of 3 Moms and their kitties for girls to hug, cuddle, love, groom and nurture.
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which tesco
not in my tesco it's £23.99
£15 in my local tesco
What a strange looking thing.....!!
I managed to get this for £7.50 at local Tesco (broughton) this evening x
£23.99 at my few local tescos now but I paid £24.99 at Xmas for these :-/
I'm sure this is a bargain for this kind of toy. But OMG !!! I'm so glad my girls are past this kind of utter tripe X)X)
It was £15 in mine but scanned at, £7.50. Store was Elgin
nice find op, heat added
Great find hope I can find one for tgat price
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