Kitzyme TACT Wood Based Cat Litter 30L (18.4kgs) - Morrisons £4

Kitzyme TACT Wood Based Cat Litter 30L (18.4kgs) - Morrisons £4

Found 23rd Jan 2017
I normally buy the 6mm Fire Wood Pellets in 15kgs packs from my local fuel depot for £4.29 (28.6p/kg), but that is a long car journey just for cat litter. At £4 for a 30L pack (I weighed a few and the average is 18.4kgs) that is just 22.2p/kg, and it is for 'proper' cat litter (the cat litter, if you get the decent stuff, is light in colour which makes it easy spot and remove the poops). The fuel version I normally buy is all manner of colours and doesn't always break down to dust so easily. I emptied my local store's shelves, but Customer Services say it is a nationwide deal. Beware, 18.4 kgs is heavy, especially when you have 7 sacks in your trolley!!
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That's an amazing price, I normally pay £8 for the same amount of wood based litter. What this brand like dust-wise?
It is not one of the so-called 'low-dust' brands (like Sanicat Pink claims to be). This is a quality product (not like the cheap Asda stuff - I won't buy that again). It is very much like the Sanicat Beauticat litter.

The Kitzyme brand name is part of the Bob Martin pet care group. When it gets wet, it breaks down into a wet dust that dries out and can be filtered off for disposal. It doesn't float off into the room, as the cheapo ones do.

I remove the number 2's first by scoop after they have dried a bit, then I run the rest through a garden sieve with a 5mm mesh grid. That lets the dust through for disposal and I get the unused pellets back for re-use. I use about 5-6kgs per month per cat (I have quite a few cats )
This can be flushed down the bog too.

(inb4 blocked drains - Got four cats and been flushing for over two years, though a better use would probably be a soil aerator)
Bloody cats. I have 3 of them hanging around and they love to do their business inside this time of year and then immediately proceed to trot outside via the cat flap!

I'll have to stock up on this but with a long term view of convincing them to use the garden and countryside they have free reign over. Maybe I will have to demonstrate personally.
moving house soon so need to keep my two inside for a bit before letting them venture outside. Noticed they were using something similar to this in the cattery they stayed in while we were on holiday and apparently they had no issues using it (they are seasoned outdoor cats and were only ever using litter trays as kittens). May make a trip to Morrisons just for this.
Unless you acquired your cats from the wild or from friends/neighbours/acquaintances who don't use this stuff, pretty much every cat in the UK will have used this type of wood pellet litter when they were kittens. It is a long time since I have seen any other type used by breeders, catteries, vets or cat rescue centres, and so most adult cats are imprinted to use it even if they are 'outdoors' cats. My local cat rescue centre buys it by the tonne (in those builder bags), and they pay about 15p a kg.
not on their website - do Morrison deliver?
It is an in-store offer only, whilst stocks last. Delivery is not available.
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