KLÄPPE Office Swivel chair in Ikea £58.47 reduced from £233.87

KLÄPPE Office Swivel chair in Ikea £58.47 reduced from £233.87

£58.47IKEA Deals
Found 5th Mar 2011
Ikea sale started yesterday, so managed to pick up this superb office chair from the gateshead store. Very comforable and Ergonomic but not too big like the ones from staples etc. Not sure if its worth over £250 but definately a bargain for less than £60

not all stores have the same deals spo check online before you travel


Wow....nice to hear you've got the Klappe.LOL

Jeezz, it don't look the most comfortable chair in the world!


It is even cheaper in the dark grey/Silver option @ £53.36

None in stock at Machester

oh my goodness i really want this chair. I have called every ikea in south england for it.

Is anyone willing to sell it! ill buy it for £65
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