Kleenex Balsam Tissues Regular Twinpack 72S £2 @ Tesco

Kleenex Balsam Tissues Regular Twinpack 72S £2 @ Tesco

Found 11th Apr
Cheapest I've seen for this wonderful product when you have a cold
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Great price
They sell single boxes of these for £1 in Poundland also - box shows as 80s
This is bizarre.

I only posted this as 3 of my previous deals were rejected so I thought I'd been silently banned from posting deals. I've failed to get a clear response from HUKD other than to say I am promoting dodgy companies i.e Amazon (yes, Tax issues) x 2 and Aria but they allowed a Tesco deal yet they are in the process of being prosecuted by SFO lol. My latest response to HUKD:-

I still don't understand HUKD's rejection of THREE deals:-
1) Aria PC - which is a local bricks and mortar company to where I live (Manchester) (Samsung SSD cheaper than any posted today)
2) a third party FULFILLED by Amazon. (i5 8600K 10% cheaper than I paid 2 weeks ago). So are you saying Amazon are allowing fake/dodgy companies to deal under their name where they take no action but you being bigger have taken action?
3) an item supplied by Amazon and fulfilled by Amazon (i5 8600K 5% cheaper than I paid 2 weeks ago but not as cheap as above). I know they have a dubious record by Tax payments but that is NOT for HUKD to police.

I thought I had been secretly banned from posting deals so I posted a trivial item (a packet of tissues) from Tesco (another company who are facing court action by SFO) yet they allow this to go through and amazingly it goes HOT lol.
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