Klipsch Image S4 Dynamic Headphones £17.99 / £16.19 today at Play.com

Klipsch Image S4 Dynamic Headphones £17.99 / £16.19 today at Play.com

Found 30th Nov 2011
These headphones get a lot of very good reviews and it this price it would be hard to resist!

Play.com are currently the cheapest anywhere for these and the black ones are still on their website for £24.99. The standard online price is currently at £17.99 and if you order today you can use the code PAYDAY10 for a 10% discount, meaning that the price you pay is £16.19

Superfi list these little babies at £54.95, making a massive £38.76 saving!



Jesus that's good

Wow you have got to be kidding me i paid £34.99 for these like a week ago!! ARGH

VERY hot though

I was thinking of getting a new pair, Are these any good?


Just buy them Luke, quick

Man, I paid 29.99 for these bad boys.


Just buy them Luke, quick

Lmao +1

Amazing especially for this price.

Awesome price.

Plus further cashback via Quidco or Topcashback right? Bargain

Liking the customer review


Liking the customer review

Ignore it lol...

How on earth is this not scorching already!

As posted by OP, Use the PAYDAY10 code to get 10% off - bargain at £16.19!! I haven't received the set I ordered for £24.99 but think they'll be on their way back...

Great find OP, thank you!!
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Heat Added !!! and order two.

Looks good ordered

Excellent price, thanks

Ridiculous price. Have some heat.

Black version are down to £24.99, does anyone know how to cancel an order at play.com?

Order is showing: Processing in warehouse 30 November 2011

Hot deal, want a pair of the black ones but cannot justify paying more just for the sake of colour. Ordered the white ones, thanks OP

Excellent headphones, chuck away the rubbish ones you get with your ipod / iphone / generic mp3 player and get ready for some cracking sounding audio! Excellent Price, these were £54 last christmas.

Ordered one, thanks OP

Ordered. Nice. Thanks OP.

Code expired

Still good deal tho

I wish the s4i's would come down to anywhere near this price...

code didn't work for me either, these should be listed as 17.99

the extra tips for these alone are like £12

ahhhhh so annoying I bought the S3's the other day for £17

Missed the promo, but still a good deal. Thanks.

Very hot for that price.

I own these and while initially blown away by them (step up from cheaper Senny earphones) I did begin to feel underwhelmed by them after 3 or 4 months. The bass signature often left me with bass headaches and I often thought it overwhelmed the rest of the music too much. But, that's just me and my tastes.

For anyone looking for a step up from cheaper or bundled IEM's and who like their bass then at this price the s4's are an absolute steal.

absolutely scorching price! amazing ear phones.

Ordered, alas without the promo code, you ought to change the price! Still a cracking deal!

Seems like a great price for some very decent headphones. Promo code didn't work for me though unfortunately

Heat added nonetheless as deal is good without that code.

Great deal, thanks. As others have said, the PAYDAY10 code doesn't work.

Was tempted when they were £34.99
Really tempted when they were £24.99
Can't refuse them at this price though, thanks op

voucher didnt work for me either

This was posted yesterday (30/11/11) and the code was one day only, hence why it does not work anymore. Still an excellent price at £17.99.

Great price but I was really not convinced by the S4's - they are comfy with great isolation but couldn't get on with the bass and there's a widely discussed sibilance issue which made them unusable for me, even after a break-in period. I ditched them in favour of my trusty (and cheaper) Soundmagic PL-30's which, although not as comfy, sounded infinitely better to me.


Soundmagic PL-30's which, although not as comfy, sounded infinitely … Soundmagic PL-30's which, although not as comfy, sounded infinitely better to me.

Infinitely better? Did they really just sound a bit better? Be honest. ;}

Great find and good price ... have some heat

Grrr ordered the black ones last week. Heat added!

hmm the cable on my Shure EC2's went yesterday £13 for a replacement or £17.99 for these, what do you reckon, I'm pretty happy with the Shure's has anyone tried both?

Ordered! Is this Complete Savings malarkey worth a go?
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