Klipsch Image S4i headphones £60 @ HMV

Klipsch Image S4i headphones £60 @ HMV

Found 9th Jan 2010
Amazing deal - These headphones are designed for the IPhone 3GS and 3rd Gen Shuffle.

Not only do they offer amazing sound but they have volume, mic and can select previous/next song.

The RRP is about £100, Amazon £92.

This was found in Newbury HMV - Not sure if all HMV shops have Klipsch headphones on offer.


How much??!


How much??!


These are great headphones, & Great Price, If you love music you wil love these. I have a pair and love these more than my iphone itself.
Don't know why its being voted so cold

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How much??!

if you're going to spend hundreds on a music player, why spoil it by using the cheap phones they usually come with?
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I had a listen to the S4s on my brother's iPod and was very impressed by them. Just wondering if I should cave in and buy yet another pair of headphones for my Sony MP3 player (which was better than the iPod)

how do these compare to the S2m's? bought a pair for £40 from HMV today, as they didn't have these, but not opened them yet as not sure whether I should keep them

Canary wharf hmv has the S4's on sale for £50

s4's are different from the s4i's i literally just got mine today and they are absolutely pheonomenal, i had a pair of Shure headphones before these and these ones are much better. Heat added and a must buy for neone with an Iphone wanting a good headset and mic combo.

Just bought a pair to replace my 5 year old Shure's. These are awesome - the cable is relatively thin and these are so light (not as a compromise to quality). The fit perfectly and sound good - the bass doesn't overpower the mids or tops on Prodigy tracks. Plus can control music without talking iPod out of pocket and will work for when I get an iPhone in a couple of months.

My only criticism is the lack of hard case, but not many headphones do have these. Not any with a mic at this price anyway. But i've used my Shure case so it's all good.

did you get one from HMV instore, Wicked 666??? how much did you pay??? which HMV store did you go?

did u buy s2 or s4i?

Thread from the past! I got the S4i and use them all the time and love them! Only criticism is I wish the mic was a little higher but with the tie clip it comes with, I just affix it to my top.

Got an Ultimate Ears case to protect them too (£10 ish from net)
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