Klipsch KMC1 Wireless Portable Bluetooth 20W Speaker £99.99 many colours @ Zavvi

Klipsch KMC1 Wireless Portable Bluetooth 20W Speaker £99.99 many colours @ Zavvi

Found 8th Jul 2015
Nothing close to this volume for this price AFAICT - the Bose Soundlink 3 is over £200, the JBL Charge 2 is great but only 15W. The UE Boom is expensive and not that loud. Er What else. The Jabra Solemate looks good but over twice the price also.

The KMC3 is a 90W (?) speaker but much bigger.

Reviews are mixed, most love it, some early ones don't like the sound, i wonder if they've improved it?

Most colours in stock but no purple

Yes i know was £50 or something but no time machine.
Amazon prices around £120.

Are Zavvi trustworthy these days? (Warranty?)

edit: This is 20W RMS NOT 40W! Arg sneaky people fiddling with wattage. the search continues..
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Although this looks like a good deal (everything else i've seen with this wattage is twice the price approx), part of reason i'm posting this is to see if i've missed another product you guys can suggest.. there are SO many on market it's ridiculous. i hadn't heard of this until today (been searching on and off for a week now).

the JBL charge 2 i have is great but not loud enough for a large room. beats the Jambox still though!

edit: brutal instant downvoting lol. any reasons please? you don't like Zavvi maybe?

one review pcmag.com/art…asp

trying to find the actual RMS watts is surprisingly tricky for some of these products.. annoying!

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£89.95 plus £4.50 on Amazon in black
that's only black and it's NOT from Amazon, it's from some sketchy rated marketplace seller. no thanks

lowest price from Amazon is currently £112
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lol this site be brutal, at least i don't have to worry about colour i want selling out

cheers in advance if anyone with knowledge of this market sees this, last time i looked into it Jambox was king that was 3 years or so ago.
Not only that around a month ago tescos were selling them for £49.99 so mabe worth a look in your local.
yeah i saw the £50 deal thanks but as i said, seems to be gone and black only i presume. that's an outstanding deal though if you can get one! i mean it's 1/4 the price of any equivalent afaict.

don't think that makes this cold though does it, it's currently best deal?

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couple of useful reviews here

yeah going to go with this unless anything else shows up in next day or 2. thanks (or not HUKD haha)
looks like may be EOL.

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I got brand new KMC 3 to sell for 90
er.. no thanks? wrong forum i think for selling

still no good reason for this to be cold? not sure if people actually read the comments before voting.
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I have one of these, picked it up for £50 at Tesco.
To be honest I don't rate it, though maybe I need to give it more of a chance. I'm no Audiophile and won't come across with fancy statements like it's too cold, flat etc as I have no idea how to categorise the sound.
On the other hand I prefer the TDK A33 that I picked up or a Philips AD7000.
thanks that's kind of info i want,
looks like TDK A33 is only 15W, much less volume.
Philips AD7000 having trouble finding wattage.. is that battery powered? seems to be several models, confusing. the one i see
on Amazon is only 10W

i specifically need one that's small and powerful. and around £100 ideally. and this looks like the best by far on paper.

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sorry I wasn't selling here..just comparing your deal..KMC3 is much better...
look at the size difference though!
incidentally, this review would be much funnier if they were sitting other way around
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if everyone who voted cold w/o comment could be rounded up and i dunno, made to review products or something, that would be great for HUKD

still can't see a better product in this category for this price. everything else around £100 is around 15 Watts RMS? that isn't loud enough to fill a big room. big difference between 15 and 40, although not clear from specs which distort at high volume e..g the JBL Charge 2 doesn't you can go all the way up, the Jambox does distort badly, some others probably do too.

reviews say the KMC1 is good at higher volumes.

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ah! still at a loss as to why this is so cold, just did some more digging. looks like true power may be only 20W RMS. that's a good reason to vote cold! sneaky f****ers again fiddling watt numbers. that makes the KMC3 needed for volume.. actually there are some more powerful speakers in the smaller size class but nearest £200 i think.

now looking at:

KMC3 (£150)
Sony SRS X7 (£150)
Big Jambox (£150)
Bose Soundlink 3 (£200?)
Marshall Stanmore (looks awesome! 80W! but £250+)

any others? minimum 30 watts really, preferably more.

edit2: updated title to reflect true watts. still annoyed nearly bought this
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