Klipsch Room Groove - Wireless iPod Speaker System now only £99.99 [approx £150 saving!] delivered @ Amazon!
Klipsch Room Groove - Wireless iPod Speaker System now only £99.99 [approx £150 saving!] delivered @ Amazon!

Klipsch Room Groove - Wireless iPod Speaker System now only £99.99 [approx £150 saving!] delivered @ Amazon!

Buy forBuy forBuy for£99.99
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Wirelessly sends CD-quality music to/from other RoomGrooves
Retractable dock charges iPods with 30-pin connectors
Compatible with other devices via auxiliary input
Exclusive horn-loaded technology for precise high tones
Dual high-output woofers deliver room-filling bass
Simple IR remote control


crikey, that is one expensive dock!

5 star reviews though, voted hot.

Maybe the mods will reinstate my voting powers now lol:whistling::whistling:

Would the Iphone 3g fit into the dock ?

thanks for the info

Good deal.

But this is a far better mp3 system in tems of:

Reduction in price
Sound Quality
Build Quality



crikey, that is one expensive dock!

]You think? ;-)

Does this fit iPod Nano 1st gen?

Any idea how this would compare in sound quality to the Bose SoundDock?

the porter;3427857

according to [url]www.klipsch.co.uk[/url] yesMade for: iPod touch (1st … according to [url]www.klipsch.co.uk[/url] yesMade for: iPod touch (1st generation), iPod nano (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation), iPod classic (80GB, 160GB), iPod 4th and 5th generation.

No Iphone on the list, is that why it's discounted?
I take it wireless means no power cord?

Voted hot!


I neeeeeed one of those........... been waiting for one to appear on HUKD … I neeeeeed one of those........... been waiting for one to appear on HUKD forever........ maybe one day eh ???Full awesome specs here:-http://www.bowers-wilkins.com/display.aspx?infid=2466

Superfi do have "open box" ones for £30 saving... but that's not much. Maybe you'll strike upon a second hand one...

With it being B&W I doubt you'll see the price change much until they supersede it with a new/upgraded one!

Is this machine better than their non wireless igroove product? Was going to get the igroove which is now £69.99 but mat as well get this if the case.

Yeah me too, every time I plug my iPhone in the shops I'm amazed by the sound. If you think it's 400£ the real steal for me was the Bose portable sound dock at 270£ whose sound is rubbish!! they all sound like the music is coming from a small box, except the Zeppelin!

I bought the wired Igroove the other day for 69.99 - I absolutely love it. I own a small 1 bed flat and its perfect for the living room, I cant turn it up to max volume its so loud!! amazing.

I use the new classic ipod (80gb) and the older nano 4gb. - no probs and recharges both.

I too bought the Klipsch iGroove iPod Speaker System Black, a couple of weeks ago as a xmas present, so it's still in it's box. I wonder whether to return it and get this one instead?

Might be being a little stupid here but how does it charge as there should be no power chords? Found the answer;

"The system comes with a set of five iPod dock adapters and an external AC power supply box that snaps into place on the rear of the speaker. The power cable can be wrapped around the power supply to eliminate the unsightly jumble of wire behind the unit; there's no battery option, so don't expect to use it as a portable boombox"

So just need some advice, swap or not?

I just set mine up in the office with my Ipod Touch and it charges it and everything - This is my first purchase with the aid of UKHD and I'm really chuffed.

Suffered with 3 previous "cheap and nasty" ipod docks and thought I'd treat myself:-D

Just to be clear. This is not a portable system. It still requires a mains socket to work. The wireless feature is its ability to send the music it plays to another product wirelessly e.g another roomgroove in another room. Thus for the wireless feature to work you will need two of more of these things.

I guess for most people they only intend to buy one so the wireless feature is redundant. I would expect it to sound better if not identical to the igroove as it is a newer product and it is also bigger.

However, this is just logical assumptions that may not be the case. I think for and extra £30 over the igroove, it is probably worth getting this purely because it looks better and will have a greater presence in the house.


Had a look at the The Audica MPS-1 you linked, and i must say TA very much:). I`m putting a order in for my office in work.

Scarletman £85 and £4.99 delivery at the following site;


Ive found some good reviews for the roomgroove and that was when they were priced at £200.
The reviews compared favourably with the Bose sound dock which comes in at about £250 which was my original choice.

Any way, long story short Ive taken a punt for 2 of them. If it works out ok I have 2 quality systems in my lounge & kitchen.

If not I send the bugers back!

I can only find one other seller at £100, everywhere else is around the £200 mark.

Ill let you know how it turns out.

i have the klipsch igroove brand new in the box. i havent opened it because i heard my new ipod nano 8gb 4th generation wont fit or charge, is this true. or can attachments be got to solve this

i must admit i like the sleek design of the dock very much. im now thinking of selling the igroove on and buying a room groove, my understanding is the ipod nano 8gb 4th gen will work in this. also im thinking of buying a second set for downstairs so i can beam music from this dock to that. or someone mentioned a kilpschcast, whats this exactly is it just a speaker without the dock and how much are these.

ide be greatful for any imput. im mainly looking for the ability to charge and play my ipod nano 8gb 4th gen.

Great find, just ordered. Heat added.

Will a 2nd gen iPod Touch fit into the dock? (got a 3rd gen nano also!)

Got in touch with Klipsch UK today to find out which was better with the nano 3g, he suggested the wireless and supposedly the sound was better.

Thanks for the deal and all the comments about it. Have just ordered one!

erm was just going to order one of these and its says 'Klipsch Room Groove - Wireless iPod Speaker System
£99.99 - Quantity: 1 - Usually ships in 1 to 2 months
Condition: new
Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L. '

Did anyone else notice this thought Amazon usually deliver in a few days ! It for an Xmas present !


I ordered 2 on the 9th.
due to be despatched on 13th.

still shows in stock.

I'll post if there are any problems

It did show a waiting time of one to two months, it's now back as in stock so I have just ordered one...

Sending the igroove HP back, which is still in it's box unopened. Probably will never buy a second speaker but one never knows!

got an email today saying my 2 docks are on the the way


Cheers, Just ordered 2 :):):):):)

Just got my dock in the post.
unpacked & playing in 5 mins!
awesome! this really is a high end product and easily on par or better than the bose sound dock. Allthough as I got 2 for less than the price of 1 bose system this is a great deal.
Amibees, If only I could give you more H&R!


So will this actually play 2nd gen ipods and the 3g iphone??

damn and blast....just gone to order, now £175...sold my hifi yesterday to buy it....looking at the intempo one now.


damn and blast....just gone to order, now £175...sold my hifi yesterday … damn and blast....just gone to order, now £175...sold my hifi yesterday to buy it....looking at the intempo one now.


This is being sold by UK Surplus Central ltd and not Amazon.

You may find a a week or 2 amazon have it relisted at the 99.99 price (not the 185 it is now with 2 months delivery).

I bought direct for £125


Sorry £129http://www.klipsch.co.uk/basket.php?id=3

Good deal, but I don't have the extra £30.....just yet, hopefully the £99 deal will resurface.
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