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London, UK to Beijing, China for only £382 roundtrip

Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Cheap flights from London, UK to Beijing, China for only £382 roundtrip with KLM. DEPART: London, UK ARRIVE: Beijing, China RETURN: London, UK DATES: Availability from November 201… Read more

Visa on demand. You won't be able to go to China then Hong Kong, as its regarded as part of China. You can go Hk, mainland China then UK.


Thanks. did you have to apply in advance to let them know or just literally pass through immigration? ive got a mate in Hong Kong but wouldn't mind going to Beijing on the way. so if I fly to Beijing stay for 6 nights then onto Hong Kong before returning to the Uk would that be ok


That information is wrong. As long as you have an onward ticket out of China, including a return ticket, you will get the visa free entry. I did this when I booked my Far East holiday. My last few days were booked In Chengdu before flying home to England. I had no visa and no problem.


Ok some fair points, have a good day mate (strong)


OK but you get whatever you wish and almost whenever you want to do after paying in China. In China you can do almost all tests, scans, blood tests on the same day and get the results on the same day. What about UK? UK Health surcharge is £200 per year, don't about HK but normally in China it costs around £1 if you just want to talk to a doctor and it's the same price for everyone no matter your background or nationality.

KLM Flights from London to Tokyo/Osaka from £428 return
Found 9th Sep 2016Found 9th Sep 2016
KLM Flights from London to Tokyo/Osaka from £428 return
I'm looking at going to Tokyo again next year and came across this deal from KLM. Various dates available - unfortunately not the dates I was looking at !

Nothing special at all about this price, I don't know why you think it's a deal?


If you're planning on using a rail pass research Japanese public holidays and definitely avoid Golden Week. I usually travel in June->July, weather great, no typhoons and empty green cars on the trains. OK price but I've never paid more than £405.


I travelled this year. Used Expedia.jp from Amsterdam to Tokyo for £190-00. Luton to AMS cost £14-00 each way with squeezyjet. Found it on Holidaypirates


I have to go during the summer hols (and i go every year) but i always manage to get a flight for less than 700 quid even then. You just need to keep searching every day to catch the very limited special deals. This year it was Air France and last year KLM, before that ANA and before that Qatar Airways. KLM were fine and would fly with them again.


I always thought that but this year my mum, who goes to Mojacar a few times a year, only paid £123 for return flights booked 4 days before she left and with 2 separate airlines (Thomas Cook there, Monarch back). I usually find her flights because she always spends close to £300 but this year (twice) she's done it herself due to finding a good deal. I think the airlines are getting a little better at selling all their allocations and dropping their prices accordingly.

London to Bangkok from £349 RETURN / London - Dubai from £283.81 Return @  KLM
Found 1st Apr 2016Found 1st Apr 2016
London to Bangkok from £349 RETURN / London - Dubai from £283.81 Return @ KLM
Looks pretty good, various dates, click through and see what suits you best. Also Saint Maarten from 639 GBP return Dubai from 283ish GBP return This is one stop in Paris and … Read more
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Very nice! (_;) I currently have a SkyScanner alert for London to Tokyo in May, you can do that with a stop in Peking for about £440 per person, if anyone's interested.




Just paid £380 for return trip to New York direct via Delta. When I looked on the site they had flights that leave about every hour but some go via Paris or Amsterdam with various waiting times at these airports, with cheaper fares, but when you go through the booking process the actual fare only comes to about £10 less than the direct fare because you have extra airport charges to pay for either Paris or Amsterdam. So it's worth checking this out before committing to fly indirect.


Well done.


Booked flights for emirates from Manchester to Dubai for £358 per person return ticket over July.

Flights to Johannesburg £403 @ KLM
Found 26th Jun 2015Found 26th Jun 2015
Flights to Johannesburg £403 @ KLM
I received a email offer from KLM for flights to Johannesburg, South Africa. Not for everyone, but just booked a return flight from Newcastle via Amsterdam in February 2016 for £40… Read more

It is an Airbus A380-800, looks OK from the pictures...


flew with KLM economy to cape town from schipol last year. one of the most uncomfortable long haul flights I've ever had (both ways) - think I was on an old 777 but I guess that's the price you pay for the cheap tickets.


Very nice, good to see a nice price for us northern folk.


Good price and Schipol is one of the best airports to fly through if you aren't going direct.

Flight deal over Easter holiday to Malaysia with KLM - Heathrow (via Amsterdam) £435 per person
Found 26th Feb 2015Found 26th Feb 2015
Flight deal over Easter holiday to Malaysia with KLM - Heathrow (via Amsterdam) £435 per person
This is a very good price with very good flight connections (it transfers at Amsterdam Schippol but the flight time is only a couple of hours longer than direct flights). Outbound… Read more

I should probably point our how your comment is insensitive and inappropriate, but I assume it's comments like this, and irrational fear, that leads to cheap prices so perhaps I'll let you live in ignorance instead.


And then you'll disappear lol!


Fantastic price!!


Heat for malaysia


I'm just amazed at these prices over Easter holidays. I've been watching prices and it was hovering around £5-600 then it suddenly dropped. Usually the prices to med based resorts are inflated at this time, but this is incredible deal for school holidays.

KLM Business Class flights for £999 return over Christmas
Found 5th Dec 2014Found 5th Dec 2014
KLM Business Class flights for £999 return over Christmas
The £999 destinations are: Abu Dhabi Beijing Cape Town Chengdu Dammam Dubai Guangzhou Hangzhou Johannesburg Kuwait Lagos Rio de Janeiro Shanghai Tokyo Xiamen The travel dates are… Read more

Great price. Managed to find flights to Rio for the dates we're flying to see my in-laws for £999 pp. Unbelievable deal as I enjoy flying with KLM. Sadly wife and I are flying with BA who I really don't like long haul. Best price I could find with them was £950 flying from Amsterdam so we're having a couple days there first before flying on (returning to hometown of Edinburgh though). Fantastic find and wish I could take it up instead of flying with BA. Heated! (_;)


The KLM webpages says for flights from Heathrow but if you search you might find fares from other UK airports that KLM flies from. All flights will have a connection in AMS (or CDG if AirFrance)


Great price, flying from??

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Free luggage tag from KLM
Found 8th Jul 2014Found 8th Jul 2014
Free luggage tag from KLM
Free personalised luggage tags from KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines. Choose from a KLM image, a Facebook photo or upload one from a computer

Finally got mine today. Was wondering when/if it was going to arrive. Looks good.


Finally got mine too. Nothing to attach them with though lol


Too ironic that I posted the deal and I'm STILL waiting for these! Glad they look good though!


Finally arrived today!! Look good too :-)


Still haven't got mine! :(

London to China only £399 @ KLM
Found 1st Jul 2014Found 1st Jul 2014
London to China only £399 @ KLM
Beijing from £ 399 Find deals> Hangzhou from £ 399 Find deals> Xiamen from £ 399 Find deals> Shanghai from £ 399 Find deals> Chengdu from £ 399 Find deals> Guangzhou… Read more
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Do not fly klm


Shame you had a bad trip. Seems like you were very unlucky. Wouldn't write off a whole country 9.7mil sqkm in size (44 times bigger than the UK). You find rubbish people and places everywhere. It's a great country and I hope you can go back and enjoy it one day. I'm looking to emigrate from the UK some time in the future.


London Heathrow direct to Beijing and back


and that was direct not stopping in Europe or another part of China


I was in Beijing in 2008, just after the olympics, in terms of climate it was ok, most days it was warm but not uncomfortably hot, there was only one day of heavy rain. I was there 5 days which was enough to see most of the major sites in the city plus a day at the great wall before i got on the transsiberian train. At a push you could see the main things there in 3 days. I heard Shanghai is a fair bit more interesting than Beijing and as its south i would expect warmer weather too. If you go i would really recommend printing out a menu guide so you can figure out what the chinese letters for various foods are otherwise you could end up with something unexpected on your plate

WoW Sale with KLM to Dubai from 339 + lot other offers
Found 20th Jun 2014Found 20th Jun 2014
WoW Sale with KLM to Dubai from 339 + lot other offers
I think this is best price for some places.
Free Personalised Travel Map @ klm
Found 25th Apr 2013Found 25th Apr 2013
Free Personalised Travel Map @ klm
KLM are offering free personalised travel maps! Choose a destination, served by KLM, and personalise your map. You can then order a printed version of your map - delivered straight… Read more

I get the first page, but when i click on "create my own free map" nothing happens... is that just me doing it wrong? :)


nice find ,cheers


link should be fixed now, thanks for sharing :)


Link doesn't work???

KLM / Air France: Flights from Warsaw to Asia and North America for £306 & up –
Found 1st Feb 2013Found 1st Feb 2013
KLM / Air France: Flights from Warsaw to Asia and North America for £306 & up –
Another deal via Warsaw for the handbags at dawn brigade to fight over ! Like the other deals can be good for some if not others. On a sample date I got Warsaw-Tokyo for £310 when … Read more

Wow....you're too clever for us "idiots" on here.......please come down from your high moral ground.....:p




You mean like yours?


roame...please keep posting these good deals. Not for everyone as you have said, but still no need for some of the idiot comments on here.


(_;) We've both had our say.....get over it..:p

KLM’s Must See Map – City Maps Printed and Delivered for Free
Found 23rd Jan 2013Found 23rd Jan 2013
KLM’s Must See Map – City Maps Printed and Delivered for Free
KLM has started a new online campaign and is giving away personalized maps of different cities across the globe for free. Official Description: Aren’t the best tips those from y… Read more
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Shouldnt ask how do you know that. On the other hand it is night life after all, so all seems to be fine?


Would be fantastic but i signed up several months ago for KLMs free leather luggage labels....they never arrived. s the saying goes, you dont get owt for nowt!!!


Fantastic. Thank you!


Great find, thanks!



KLM promo, various flights from Manston, Kent
Found 18th Jan 2013Found 18th Jan 2013
KLM promo, various flights from Manston, Kent
KLM starts flights from Manston in Kent from April and they've just launched promotional fares for various destinations via Schiphol. Part of the press release: "Return flights fr… Read more
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I did fly from manston once, Not a bad little airport and because its small no massive walks or queues ;)


I actually got Beijing for £448. However, the fare from Heathrow was £454. Not that much cheaper. Good for people living in Kent though.

Found 16th Sep 2012Found 16th Sep 2012
book from Dublin to San Francisco to London for around £330 return. Travel out until June 2013 ticket allows a stopover in Montreal Canada or New York on outward journey if require… Read more
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Phila4 Firstly, thanks for your recent deals to Florida which I found to be very useful and got me thinking adventurously, even though in the end I didn’t travel. The fact that the deal was from Gatwick (a long distance away from me) did not stop me from voting the deal hot – your follow up information on how to save in Orlando was worth the heat alone. Regarding the current deal, please don’t belittle the effort of the OP just because the title seems misleading to you. There will have been some people who saw your headline deal and voted hot regardless, even if they lived in the Shetland Islands. The OP saw a deal that he thought was worth posting. Whether it is worth any heat is a matter for the HUKD community. By belittling it with your comments about ‘you need to factor in X cost and Y cost which makes this deal cold’ you are discouraging genuine HUKDers from posting deals – which is not really in the spirit of the site. Most people are sensible and will understand that the headline cost will not involve a buxom beauty chauffeur-driving us free-of-charge from doorstep to doorstep and giving us first class seats (although one can hope :p ) – Additional costs will always be involved. So please try to be subjective with other deals and do not react to the amount of degrees someone else’s travel post has generated. Oh, and if you see any more Florida deals be sure to share them with us!


thanks for posting this deal op, managed to book fairly cheap flights to san antonio texas next june to visit family, wouldn't have even looked had i not seen this deal




I can't believe how angry people get about a deal for flights from Dublin to San Francisco. No, it isn't for everyone, but who cares? The petulant arguing is worse than the year 1 kids in my class! Frankly, grow up or get lost. Who is going to post a deal on HUKD if they come in for this kind of negativity!


Horses for courses maybe. For a lot of people this deal will be cold. Yes, I live south of London so have a choice of Gatwick (2 miles from me), Heathrow, Luton, Stanstead and I'm sure there's another. This is simply too much faffing around and the title is deceptive - it should clearly state in the title that it's from Dublin with whatever stopovers - anybody looking at this deal as posted will think, quite reasonably, that it's from a UK airport (Dublin, the last time I looked, was not in the UK) and may not be interested themselves but will still click 'hot' without looking any further. I have no problem with deals being posted like this, but I do have a problem if the title is misleading. I refer back to my dinghy post, which may be construed as sarcastic by some, but others would call it good ol' British humour. And I have always booked my holidays myself, separate flights, car hire, accommodation etc. because I am well aware of the money you can save. But sometimes a package deal can be cheaper. Whatever, it matters not to me as my wife works for a world famous airline and we get free flights anywhere in the world so I don't have to worry about faffing around like this! If every deal was a good deal for everybody then there would be no 'cold' button. This is cold for me and I would say the majority of HUKDers - there are 8 million people alone in London and something like 20 million plus in the South East - I would hazard a guess that 95% or more of them would never do a journey like this. Just my opinion - I'm off now to post my Sydney return deal for £27.95.

Free KLM personalized free luggage tags! (Limited amount left)
Found 29th Jun 2012Found 29th Jun 2012
Free KLM personalized free luggage tags! (Limited amount left)
Ready to style your suitcase? KLM is giving away a limited number of free luggage tags, to make you stand out in the crowd. Personalize your baggage and give them a unique makeover… Read more

2 of 3 arrived today :-)


Fingers crossed they start to come through now, slowly but surely


got one of my sets yesterday


Ooh hopefully they'll start arriving soon then x


Got ours this morning strangely enough :)

New York flight in just 495GBP @ KLM
Found 10th Jun 2012Found 10th Jun 2012
New York flight in just 495GBP @ KLM
KLM is offering London-New York in just 495GBP

Seriously??? How can people not understand what he is trying to say? Voted cold not a great deal! The person with 390 where did you get this price???


The flights are operated by Delta. I have shown that there are flights on BA. I hope this helps.


So, who am I trying to fly to New York with????


NOT MY THREAD!!! I was the one trying to explain to the OP what a codeshare flight was as KLM do not technically fly from LHR-JFK. I think we've gone full circle.


Ok, fair enough. The mere fact that the title of your deal says KLM and that the link takes you to the KLM website is enough for me though, after the experiences I've had with them.

Free KLM World City Guides
Found 23rd Feb 2012Found 23rd Feb 2012
Free KLM World City Guides
KLM are giving away free city guides, you can have printed versions posted for free or download them. Select interests, activities and more to create a customised guide. Long lis… Read more

Done, many thanks!


Ordered, thanks a lot :D


Thanks for sharing.


Have to say I agree with all this. (Still appreciate the good intentions, OP!)


it's quite a drawn out faffy process for information freely available online elsewhere really. That you have to pick 4 out of 5 types of thing in your chosen activity area seems frankly perverse. Why not just give them all? It also takes 4 to 6 weeks for them to mail it to you. Don't see any option for a downloadable version. I'd rather spend the £5 and get a whole book sent to me in 2 days. A great idea done pisspoorly, sorry!

KLM Passport App iPhone, iPod and iPad
Found 24th Dec 2011Found 24th Dec 2011
KLM Passport App iPhone, iPod and iPad
Create an inspiring video of your trip: with your photos and videos you can instantly make a unique video that you can easily share via social media. Seven themes Keeping your p… Read more
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Use this link as the one on KLM's site takes you to iTunes in Dutch. http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/klm-passport/id485279658

KLM city guide
Found 8th Aug 2011Found 8th Aug 2011
KLM city guide
Free city guide. Choice of 60 cities around the world, then you choose your chapters you'd like it to include. KLM have done freebies in the past and are have produced good quality… Read more

Much appreciated! Thanks heat added


hot if it comes thru on time


Interesting. Ordered Amsterdam one - Thanks for sharing. Heat Added.


I believe so


Can you order more than one? Europe and Asia?

Free Luggage Tag With Your Own Photo @ Facebook
Found 7th Mar 2011Found 7th Mar 2011
Free Luggage Tag With Your Own Photo @ Facebook
To get your free tag simply find KLM on fb, clikc like and you will be able to get a free tag with your own photo :)
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This is now expired, as of March 21st :-(


This is now expired, as of March 21st :-(


Had these before myself, good quality, and surely you want enough details on it that they can reunite you with your bag if the paper tag the airline puts on it falls off.


Paranoid bunch, aren't you?


The info you put on the tags and the address they send them to are on two different forms. It's true though, never put your home address on an outward label. And always talk loudly so the taxi driver can hear about the huge savage dog you have left loose in the house with no food. They'll never suspect you're bluffing.