Kms California HAIR PLAY Molding Paste 150ml, £14.97 delivered @

Kms California HAIR PLAY Molding Paste 150ml, £14.97 delivered @

Found 11th Nov 2012
Kms hair play molding paste - the larger size (150ml) for £14.97 including delivery. Significantly cheaper than salon price. You can't buy this in a supermarket / chemist but I have bought it from eBay in the past. The trouble with that is, it's been hit and miss. Sometimes it's been OK but a couple of times the paste has actually been lumpy (!) and believe or not there are counterfeit versions out there too. I figured it was best to get it from an actual retailer - at least it would be easier for me to return it if I wasn't happy with it. Anyway, at this price it's a couple of quid cheaper than the cheapest on eBay and a lot cheaper than the RRP.

So what is this girly stuff (I can almost hear the everyman utter under his breath). Well I'm a man and I use it on my hair - short, bit spikey - and it adds a nice texture and hold. Seems a lot better than anything I've tried from boots (or similar). A bit more expensive but this tube would last me close to 6 months so actually not that expensive. Depends how much you use I guess. That bloke off "the great British bake off" would probably go through this badboy in a couple o' weeks!
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