Knauf 100mm Loft Insulation £15.99 for 11.08m2 @ Wickes

Knauf 100mm Loft Insulation £15.99 for 11.08m2 @ Wickes

Found 10th Jan 2014
Was just commenting on another deal about EkoRoll insulation at B&Q (and looking for the Wickes "own" brand stuff that works out slightly cheaper) and came across this. I haven't bought or used any of it so can't comment on what it's like but having bought quite a lot insulation recently it seems like a good deal.

Type: Loft Insulation
Brand: Knauf
Height: 1140mm
Pack Coverage: 11.09m2 (or 13.89m2 if you go by the Space Insulation website)
Pack Quantity: 1 Roll
Order Limit: 7
Resistance to Fire: Reaction to fire classified as Euroclass A1 in accordance to BS EN 13501-1
Colour: Brown
R Values: 2.25m2K/W
Thermal Conductivity: 0.044W/mk

If you want 200mm thickness then this might work out cheaper just to double layer it - I haven't done the maths for this stuff but with the B&Q stuff it worked out a penny a roll cheaper to buy the 200mm stuff over 100mm stuff for the same area.

It's called "Space" Combi Loft Roll but as far as I can tell it's just the wool stuff rather than the foil covered Space stuff.
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Thanks. Title updated
Good price. It's great to work with. No real mess either.
Would this not be cheaper from a builders yard?
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