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Knauf Insulation Eko Roll Loft insulation roll, (L)4.83m (W)1.14m (T)200mm £25 @ B&Q Free click and collect

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This loft insulation is one of 3 pack sizes available from Eko Roll, this roll measures (L)4.83m (W)1400mm (T)200mm and provides excellent thermal performance.

Is one of 3 pack sizes available from Eko Roll, this roll measures (L)4.83m (W)1400mm (T)200mm and provides excellent thermal performance
Features and benefits
Eko Insulation is a new range of insulation available at B&Q. Specifically made for the thermal upgrade of loft spaces, at ceiling level, Eko Insulation has all your insulation needs covered
Manufactured by one of the UK’s leading insulation manufacturer’s, Knauf Insulation, Eko Insulation is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable products around - it’s made using recycled glass
Odourless, rot proof, non-hygroscopic, does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria
Easy to handle and install, being lightweight and easily cut to size
Supplied in polythene packs which are designed for short term protection only
For longer term protection on site, the product should be stored either indoors, or under cover and off the ground. EkoRoll should not be left permanently exposed to the elements
B&Q More details at B&Q

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    Got my loft insulated a couple of weeks ago by a Swindon based outfit called A&M. They put me in 40m² of 300mm fibreglass, vents, hatch insulation + hatch draught-proofing, a new water tank jacket & threw in a freebie roof board, all for £500! I couldn't be more delighted especially given that the only other quote I managed to secure was for £1,780!!
    As far as I can tell, the insulation has dropped our December gas consumption from 38 kWh/day to 28 kWh/day.
    Did they travel or local?
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    Was going to say that's the standard price. Bought the 170mm top up recently which was £24. Shame they stopped doing 3 for 2!
    Agree, I've been waiting for that 3 for 2 to come back for ages, but I think that ship has sailed
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    I can remember early last decade when the energy companies were compelled to discount this stuff for householders and DIYers - you used to be able to get it for £1 a roll. Shame that the government don't seem fit to make the energy companies do the same thing again to reduce the cost barrier for people to insulate their homes.
    Except that whenever they did those £1 offers, you'd drive to B&Q or Wickes only to find that all the local tradesmen had filled up their vans and lorries first thing in the morning leaving nothing for the DIYers...
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    This is the standard price always, I have been installing insulation like crazy for jobs and primarily buy from here.
    Do you prefer these types of roll vs. the silver thermal foil insulation? I never know which is best and as our bedroom is above the garage with a small loft area about it, for some reason when they built they only insulated the main loft area. I need to get something in there but want the best, but have limited funds, as its the coldest room in the house and my wife reminds me every morning I must do something about it!
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    Yeah this is the standard price. I bought a load this summer and did our loft. Look out for a 10% off offer or anything similar to get a discount. Otherwise just get it. Will do the job. 
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    I’d give Travis Perkins a go if you’re doing a lot as their rolls are bigger - on the 200mm works out £4.39 per m2 instead of this one at £4.55 per m2

    I bought some 100mm recently and it worked out much cheaper than b&q at £2.07 per m2 vs £2.71 per m2
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    Was £3 in 2012.
    The government really should be stopping VAT on insulation and subsidising it.
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    This, or the super top-up from Wickes?
    Pretty sure it’s the same stuff. Only difference may be the easy cut widths? This one has some partial cuts to it, to make it easier to cut to width between joists. Though where they are is not indicated on the outer package (that would have been helpful). Not sure on the Wickes one. 
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    Is this any different from what wicks are selling for £22.50? I know this is 200mm thickness but wicks one covers more area. They also do this for same price or 10% off if you have wicks pro