K'nex - Pirate Ship Park £14.99 delivered (reduced from £49.99)

K'nex - Pirate Ship Park £14.99 delivered (reduced from £49.99)

Found 10th Feb 2007
Thanks to elosie on MSE for the spot!

Seems like a very good price for this. 101 in stock at time of writing.

Product Features
Build a towering pirate ship ride that's over 2 ½ feet tall!
A powerful motor powers the ship higher, higher and upside down!
Includes 4 excited riders and electronic screamin' sounds
Requires 3 x C Batteries (not included)
Manufacturer's recommended age 9 years +
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Thanks for the pointer

Ta very much... just ordered one
Excellant find, just ordered one for my son's birthday, not until june, but will be a good present from his grandad, thanks!!
cheers ordered one...
Thanks ordered one for my youngest :thumbsup:

Ordered 2 for Birthdays, great find. Saw it today for £50 in TOYS `R' US.
Amazing deal, a great alternative to mind knumbing video games, and even though I'll be tempted, I'll leave the whole construction to my son, to try and re-activate his Simpson/Runescape tunnel visioned mind.:thumbsup:
Wish I had kids. Might order one anyway...
Thanks for this. My son is a huge k'nex fan and has harrassed me for ages to get him this, so will be a nice surprise.
Heat and Rep added
Only 51 left now!
Thanks, op. My son will enjoy that.

Best wishes, Neil

Only 51 left now!

how do you see the remaining stock number ??????:)

how do you see the remaining stock number ??????:)

If you add 1 to basket then on next page change amount to 51 then update tab it will tell you how many theres in stock ,i just did it and there was only 21 left.

Just put 500 in your basket and press proceed, the actual number left (as long as it's less than 500, of course) will appear in your basket instead of the 500!
Thankyou, excellent value. :thumbsup:
grrr it disappered just when i was in checkout before i got to pay ! typical
gone back to £50 now :x
Put it in my basket and there were 11 left, went and had a look at other stuff, then went to pay and its back up to £50!!! :x
Should have just bought 2 and got out of there fast!!
Well done to those that got some.
excellent post- thanks v much for this bellboys. ordered one for my nephew's b'day earlier this evening. voted hot and rep added.
deal over, back to full price :-(
[COLOR=black]Great find OP, managed to get two near the end.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]Thanks to this website, this item's sales increasd by 86,600% [/COLOR]
Only Amazon MarketPlace sellers now...

Thanks again for the find bellboys
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