Knife Sharpener £5.99 @ ALDI

Knife Sharpener £5.99 @ ALDI

Found 9th Nov 2015
Available from Thursday 12 Nov, comes with 10 Year warranty

Looks like its made by Sabatier, having a quick look on amazon they seem to be going for at least double the price (for something very similar).

From website:
Sharpens and finely hones straight edge knives and sharpens scissors too.

Ergonomic soft touch handle
Non-slip base
Available in red, taupe, lime or orange
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Thanks for including the description. I found the original deal title completely puzzling.
A cut above the rest. Heat
This is good for sharpening knives
Have one of these and it is great

This is good for sharpening knives

I would hope so lol
This price has been well and truly slashed.

God, I hate myself.

This is good for sharpening knives

Heat, just for the comments X)
not the sharpest tool in the shed
I've got this one, paid £12.99 for it. It's a good sharpener. Heat.
Not sure if this is a Sabtier manufactured or other manufacturer re-branded product but it is a very good price and I am considering buying one based on the price.

One thing I would say it seems that it is one part tungsten carbide and one part ceramic, I personally wouldn't be putting any of my good quality knives on the tungsten carbide as that type of sharpener shave the metal.

This looks this the same specs Link
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paid the same price in TK Maxx today for the siver and black version. But mine had two extra course and fine sharpening points for serated blades. bargain
If it's Sabatier it is probably designed for European knives. Probably best not to use it on any Japanese style knives as they sharpen at a different angle.
Got this today and its awesome x[/img]
This sharpener is awesome!
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