Knight Rider - boxed set of episodes from series 1-3 for £5.99 at Morrisons

Knight Rider - boxed set of episodes from series 1-3 for £5.99 at Morrisons

Found 17th Jul 2008
If you were a fan of the Hoff before he turned into a self-parody than relive all his 1980s glory in this terrific boxed set. I picked one up for £5.99 at Morrisons High Wycombe.
These are episodes from the original series, not the noughties remake. See BristolDeal's excellent post below for a cover image.

DVD boxed set deals available at individual stores seem to vary and are not as uniform as Tesco (50000 copies of Grease, anyone?) but I have also found this product at the Aylesbury store.


I assume you mean per series as opposed to a boxset with all 3?

Or is it this thing with 9 episodes?

This is not series 1-3. It is vol 1-3. It only has 3 discs to theres no way this is the complete 3 seasons.
Only contains 9 episodes from what says.


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EDIT: Yes Sin you are right, I can now clarify that this is a boxed set of 3 discs, each containing three selected episodes from series 1 to 3.
Still a good deal, despite the obvious disappointment, imho.

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Then why post the link…htm if it is not that boxset?

I cant find a boxset containing series 1-3 anywhere. The only large boxset is the complete collection which is…htm at £65? A 26 DVD boxset containing 84 episodes.

But there isn't a Season 1 - 3 boxset. There were 3 volumes containing 3 episodes each.

Take a photo.

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EDIT: See my post above - I have now clarified with the recipient of this gift the exact content of the discs. Sorry for any confusion.

That boxset is series 1-4 though.

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