Knight Rider Complete Season 1 DVD (4 Disc) Only £9.99 @ Bang CD Hot!!
Knight Rider Complete Season 1 DVD (4 Disc) Only £9.99 @ Bang CD Hot!!

Knight Rider Complete Season 1 DVD (4 Disc) Only £9.99 @ Bang CD Hot!!

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Complete Season 1 for just £9.99 - Its a BARGAIN in my opinion!

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Based on the 1980's series starring David Hasselhoff, KNIGHT RIDER follows the adventures of Mike Traceur (Justin Bruening), the estranged son of the original series' main character Michael Knight. After inadvertently becoming involved in the top secret work of his father - whom he never knew - Mike finds that his tremendous expertise as a soldier just happens to make him the perfect candidate to become the new Knight Rider: the driver of a super enhanced car with tremendous intelligence known as KITT (voiced by Val Kilmer). Now, tasked with tracking down mercenaries, busting top secret drug rings, and tracking down powerful people, Mike finds himself behind the wheel of a life he never even knew existed though his biggest challenge might be reigning in his cowboy attitude. Features the complete first series of the show.


Superb series, shames its been canned

Well i hope it got better than the pilot episode because that was bloody awful! :-D

May be a good deal but order from bangcd at your peril I orderd a sonic game off them 2 weeks ago only to be told the order was cancelled as they had no stock and that a refund has been processed. As of yet nothing back in my bank account, sent an email and still no response fortunately the purchase was only for £2.49 if you google them you will also find other people that have suffered the same fate..... they are truly :pirate:'s

I watched a bit of an episode the other day. Its really bad.

H&R Added.

Been waiting for this to go down in price for sometime. Many Thanks.

I've only seen the pilot too; I hope it got better.

bit like baywatch with fast cars it seemed......................... I loved it!

Canned ?! Booo !

I'll say it again. Firesale. BangCD are in trouble.


I watched a bit of an episode the other day. Its really bad.

Kids loved it! Def a good buy :thumbsup:

Stay away from BangCD, I ordered a limited edition version of thriller from their site which was adertised, (the one with the Michael Jackson and Tiger Cub picture on the front). They sent me the thriller 25th anniversary edition and did not even apologise, then they took 3 months to process my refund and also accused me of not sending back the cd. I had to threaten them that I would report them to trading standards for them to give me my refund aswell. It took about 3 months to recieve the cd because their return address is some address in Singapore.

I have never bought anything off these guys again and would steer clear of them.

The pilot was awful but the rest of the series is ok. Not the best but good entertainment. Great price!

I'm not a fan of BangCD, ordered the sonic unleashed 360 deal a short while ago, took several days for them to tell me it was out of stock, then another week for me to get my refund. but hey, I did end up getting the refund So I can't complain too much.
I ordered this despite the rubbishness of BangCD, I loved the pilot, can't believe they canned it so soon...

I`m sure this is going to be on Channel 5 or Bravo soon!!!
Saw an ad on da telly.

I liked this series.

Why do they can every good series out lately ?

Terminator - Sarah Connor Chronicles is another ?


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