Knightlite FF1200 Front Krypton Light £2.00 Delivered @ CRC

Knightlite FF1200 Front Krypton Light £2.00 Delivered @ CRC

Found 14th Oct 2010
Seems a good buy with the nights drawing in.
Knightlite FF1200 Front Krypton Light

Handlebar Mounted Front Light

• Easy Operation
• Batteries Included
• Quick Release Brackets
• Hi-Lux Reflector System
• Urban Run Time 18 Days
• Light Comparrison Factor x 220%


Utter garbage light.

better than nothing, as most people who ride their bikes round my area.

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Utter garbage light.

oh dear



Utter garbage light.

rollox - its a light, it works and its quite bright

show us a better one for £2 delivered then?

It wont be bright, and the batteries wont last long.

I commute by bike every day, and do so on lit roads and complete dark country lanes.

If you want to stay alive get a flashing LED, if you want to see where you are going get an 3W+ LED always on for the front.

Edited by: "Lorian" 14th Oct 2010

Yes its not a cree P7, magicshine or similar
But quit complaining Agent47- its two quid delivered. For this price you could get a whole rack of the things for less than the price of a cheap'n'cheerful Cateye.
Still think this is a good deal. Probably not best for offroad or difficult terrain but better than no light at all which is what a lot of people opt for.
For the price its a great deal.
Edited by: "meggie_dude" 14th Oct 2010

Ive got one of these before I moved to LED and they are crap.

Put extra money towards a LED instead
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