Knights Contract For PS3 & Xbox 360 - £17.85 Delivered @ Zavvi

Knights Contract For PS3 & Xbox 360 - £17.85 Delivered @ Zavvi

Found 12th Mar 2011
As title basically. This hack and slash game dropped fast in price...


I swear this game only came out this friday? LOL

never heard of it

dropped fast in price.. cause its an EPIC FAIL:(

found some gameplay videos on youtube looks your standard hack and slash affair. Loads of enemies collect orbs upgrade powers, big boss fights hit a few times roll etc. Slight twist is you can't die but your AI support character can which sounds like a recipe for some frustrating parts. If you like these sorts of games it looks good am tempted by this price came out 25/2/11.

yeah got hyped to sh*t, came out, nothing but a bogstandard hack and slash title. This game is epic fail as above.

hot or not? i voted hot

It's just a game-long escort mission!

Jim Sterling couldn't even finish it, it was that bad. The stupid so-and-so would just keep standing around enemies or wandering into molten lava.


Obviously going to be a poor game - be £14 in a week and sub tenner in a month


never heard of it

This, and I like to think I keep track of games fairly well.

This game is frustrating, I've completed it on hard dificuilty. The bosses on here are really annoying, for starters they have a ton of health which doesn't go down easily, on top of that you have a quick time event (button pressing sequence) at the end of eveery boss which leaves no space for error or delay. You have to literally memorise the QTE or look it up on the net or your boss defeat time will increase by 10+ mins. overall it took me about 17 hours to coplete so you are getting your monies worth in that respectt at least.

i love hack n slash games so ill give it a go.

Cheap for a new release so voted hot.

But personally wouldn't even pay £7.85 for this, nevermind £17.85.

this isnt worth a fiver, let alone almost 4 times that price...avoid guys!

never heard of it either - i fear this will be like dark void and truth or lies and be £5 in a few weeks, in which case i will pick it up if the trophies arent too bad.

i like hack and slashers. but im sure it will pale in comparison to god of war and dantes inferno.

oh according to ps3trophies the game isnt even out until march 25th in europe, was out in the states last month.

very odd anyway i think ill avoid - a mandatory 3 playthroughs is ridiculous for any game.

Apparently the PS3 version is £117.99... Avoid ordering it in a rush.

just watched a vid review on gamespot. looks like my kinda game. 6.5 rating which is what they gave dantes i think, and i loved that.

gonna give it a whirl


£117.85?! Woah, what a price! I think I might get it.

That or I'll wait it to get to £250 or something, I'm not too bothered about the game for now.

Hot price for a new game that has got some reasonable reviews & feedback

This game looks pants.

This one slipped by under the radar - hadn't heard of it and I do like this genre of games. Cheap price for now, but when a game drops this fast in price it doesn't exactly say much for the quality of the game.
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