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Posted 9 March 2023

Knipex Cobra Water Pump Pliers 250mm £24.50 @ Amazon

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  • Modern high performance water pump pliers
  • 25-fold fine adjustment at the touch of a button for fast adjustment to different sizes of component
  • Self-locking on pipes and nuts
  • Large grip width (up to a wrench opening of 46 mm / pipes up to 2 inches) with low weight (335 g)
  • Gripping teeth hardened to approx. 61 HRC using high frequency for a secure grip and a long service life
  • Grips flat, round and angled components
  • High level of user comfort due to constant hand-friendly gripping position resulting from fine adjustment
  • Sits firmly in the hand thanks to non-slip handles
  • Chrome vanadium electric steel, forged, oil hardened

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The high-tech water pump pliers

Grip quickly, adjust finely

The benefits of working with the Knipex Cobra are plain to see: these water pump pliers are light and stable, can be adjusted on the component quickly at the touch of a button and are self-locking on pipes and nuts.

For pipes, nuts, sleeves, for various kinds of components

The professional user applies the Knipex Cobra quickly and accurately with just one hand movement. The spring-loaded hinge bolt locks securely into place without adjusting inadvertently. Thanks to the 25-fold fine adjustment, the Cobra can be ideally adjusted to different sizes of the component. This fine adjustment also makes sure that the distance to the handles remains hand-friendly for every grip width.

Tough and strong

The Knipex Cobra is further stabilised by the box joint design. Unlike pliers with mounted joints, no tilting forces arise when under strain. The handles stabilise each other in the joint.

Self-locking mechanism ensures a high degree of efficiency

The Knipex Cobra clamps onto the component securely by itself thanks to the jaw geometry developed by Knipex. This means the user can put all energy into the desired movement without pressing the pliers handle together – and thus without energy loss: round components can be turned, bolted connections tightened and released.


Knipex Cobra: several manufacturing steps for high tool quality

We forge the Knipex Cobra from chrome vanadium steel, and use a multiple stage hardening process to give it the ideal balance between hardness and toughness. This makes it extremely durable. To achieve a lasting secure “bite” on the work component, we use high-frequency current to bring the gripping teeth to a hardness of approx. 61 HRC.

Professional users expect a tool quality that will last for many hard years of work. We develop and manufacture our pliers for the most demanding users imaginable: for craftsmen. Every pair of pliers from Knipex is manufactured to the highest standards using the best materials. A purchase for many years of use during assembly work, on the building site, in production and in the workshop.


Convenient and fast: fine adjustment at the touch of a button.


Use of two Cobras: ideal for counter screw joints.


Self-locking effect due to special jaw geometry: firm hold of the component even under heavy loads.


Has a self-locking grip on various sizes of flat, round and angular components.


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  1. Łukasz_Członka's avatar
    Why are they so expensive
    vonpoop's avatar
    Worth every penny.
    It's slightly hard to explain, but they're just so good. I used to use some old Drapers as linked above, and they were 'ok' for a couple of years, but eventually slipped.
    The knipex are more precise, more comfortable in use, and most importantly just grip like mad, with less effort. They also do less damage to fasteners when really cranking (presumably as they grip so well with less pressure).
    They'll outlast the Drapers by decades while being easier/better to use, so 'expensive' is relative.
  2. TBATBA's avatar
    Plenty of cheaper pump pliers out there so look around. However, if you want a set to last for decades you really need to look at knipex. Not only do they last they are reliable and won't slip causing you an injury. I've had many cheaper ones from no named brands to bahco, rothenberger and fatmax. They are decent (apart from fatmax which were rubbish) but I now have knipex which are far superior. If you need them only once a year save your money, if you need them often still save your money but get knipex once rather than others several times over when they break.
    MattMac's avatar
    I'm not sure saving your money really applies here. I've been buying quality tools for quite a few years, mostly on offers and I'd say that 95%+ of the tools I own I could resell on ebay today used for more than I paid for them. The value of quality tools seems to beat inflation and certainly beats 4% interest in a savings account. They are literally a good investment.
  3. wrongmark's avatar
    I’m only a DIYer but after spending years buying cheapo tools, I’m doing it no longer. The cheapo tools hang around in your toolbox forever and irritate you every time you use them.

    Had these Knipex grips for a few years now and they’re excellent. Think I paid about £18 but this is a decent price.
  4. haychie's avatar
    These are great !
  5. R4YYYJ's avatar
    I got the Bahco ones from eBay for £10. I'm hoping they're just as good.
    RichTee76's avatar
    The Bahco ones are great, and at £10 you've got a bargain
  6. Dawid_H's avatar
    These are miles better than anything else on the market. Build quality, materials used and the locking mechanism it's just beyond anything.
    Serious tool for professional use. DIY I'd say a bit of an overkill.
  7. twinkle_wild's avatar
    Can confirm these are fantastic. A tool that just works. Many other brands
    of this tool type are junk by comparison. I'd say essential for DIY because it can be used in situations when you don't have the "proper" tool.
  8. Moolnaz's avatar
    Ordered thanks OP. Got 8 knackered thermostats to replace around the house, hopefully these will make it that little bit easier
    Moolnaz's avatar
    Mine arrived today in just an Amazon envelope in a plastic bag
  9. SinisterMinister's avatar
    Bought, thanks! Replacing my very well used stanley. Will still keep the stanley as "my tool" and keep the Kippex for when needed. Always gotta have a "this is my good one" like with stanley knives
  10. redheap's avatar
    I have a pair of these knipex cobra amongst a few other brands and no names . These are always my first choice. They have micro adjustment that staysin place easily adjusted by your thumb. The others like the draper will easily slip if they open up to wide which always happens In awkward jobs for the occasional amature together the red draper set for using over the next thirty years get the knipex as at this price 24.50 they are cheap.
's avatar