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Posted 11 February 2023

Knipex Mini pliers set in belt tool pouch 2 parts £57.63 @ Amazon

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This mini pliers set from KNIPEX is suitable for mechanics and technicians who want to have their tools quickly to hand during installation and servicing jobs. The set contains the KNIPEX 86 03 150 mini pliers wrench, which combines pliers and a wrench in a single tool. The high-tech KNIPEX Cobra 87 01 125 water pump pliers are also included. These compact versions of the KNIPEX pliers prove to be extremely resilient tools in everyday work.

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  • Tool bag made of strong polyester fabric, hook-and-loop fastener, belt clip
  • Attractive cardboard packaging with self-service perforation
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 70 x 170 x 50 mm

Pliers sets from KNIPEX
KNIPEX also offers tools for professional users in convenient sets. These are available, for example, with foam trays for toolboxes, in tool rolls or in belt pouches. Tradespeople can thus use them in line with their purpose of use. Tool sets represent significant buying incentives for retailers.

Confined spaces and small workpieces are no problem. Industrial compression fittings are also easy to handle.

The mini vice under the pliers wrenches: Small workpieces can always be held securely.

A firm grip at all times, even on very small workpieces.

Flat, round and angular workpieces of different sizes can be gripped by means of a self-locking mechanism.
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  1. roversblues's avatar
    I might not be a mechanicor a technician but 57 quid seems a lot for a couple of pliers.
    bangytupper's avatar
    Quality tools.
    The pliers wrench (the silver one in the picture) is very useful. I have the 250mm version I inherited from my Dad after he retired. That must be around 25/30 yrs old
  2. RavenDW's avatar
    Pricy, but still cheaper than their normal price. They're great little tools. The ability to 'ratchet' with them is very useful.
  3. Koma.Toes's avatar
    I have this set and they are superb. The pouch also has a bit of room in it if you want to add a few other things to it. Think I got mine from Amazon Germany for a similar price (they are currently more expensive than this deal). It's always worth checking the German site for Knipex and Wera prices as they are quite often a lot cheaper even with the postage added. (edited)
  4. TouchmymonkeyUK's avatar
    Buy cheap buy twice.

    Buy Knipex buy once.
    gazjon's avatar
    That is, until someone steals your Knipex. I use these daily, fortunately, my employer buys them and we use an efficient tool control system. (edited)
  5. Anthonis's avatar
    Comments like "poundshop", "too much, just pliers.." have no understanding in tools and their use (no offence).
    These are well designed set of pocket pliers which can handle some impressive forces and keep you out from troubles which result from using cheaper generic pliers.
    Highly recommend these, maybe not cheapest, but in long run these will save you lots of time.
  6. Christos_AG's avatar
    Best pliers ever. If you know, you know.
  7. Monkey48's avatar
    I was dubious about the price of these previously. Buying the 150mm Cobras some time ago convinced me of the quality then snapped this set up as the packaging was damaged for £44.
    Love them for EDC.
    I’ve since bought a 180mm set of the Pliers Wrench and plan to add a 250mm.
    If you know, you know.
    For those that don’t… they’re way better than a standard adjustable wrench/spanner
  8. Eagerbeaver's avatar
    Sad to see the lack of appreciation for these - this really is not a lot of money for tools of this quality but by all means, buy crap from a discount store with which you can't do the job but in the knowledge that at least you've not been ripped off with those tools that would have done the job but cost more.
  9. jim15feb's avatar
    Twist your nuts off with these babies!!
  10. HotUKmcr's avatar
    £3 in Pound shop....
    sheffield788's avatar
    Not with red handles 😃
  11. Karling's avatar
  12. red16's avatar
    These are the only grips I've ever used that don't slip. They are head and shoulders above any others and tradesmen will know how frustrating most grips are when they keep slipping. I think their adverts when these come out were something like you could hang off a cliff with these and they won't slip.
  13. namGB's avatar
    Expensive even at a deal 
  14. ManishP's avatar
    Thanks, been after these for ages. Quite pricey, but honestly worth the cost.

's avatar