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Knipex WZ KN 60 Tool Box 7-Part Set in a Plastic Case VDE £115.31 @ Amazon Germany

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Around £108 with fee free card.

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KNIPEX 00 21 15 Electric tool box 7 pieces



The versatile tool box contains six VDE-insulated tools and a robust water pump pliers for reliable packing.

The quality tools are protected by the tool box with integrated foam insert with honeycomb structure during transport.

  • Tool tailored to the electrician's needs in a high-quality, impact-resistant plastic case.
  • Foam insert with honeycomb structure for variable assembly.
  • External dimensions (W x H x D): 327 x 65 x 275 mm.

Included tools

  • KNIPEX combination pliers 180 mm
  • KNIPEX needle-nose pliers with cutting edge, (stork beak pliers) 200 mm
  • KNIPEX side cutters 160 mm
  • KNIPEX Alligator, water pump pliers 180 mm (uninsulated)
  • Wera screwdriver for slotted screws, 1 0604i x 2.5 x 80 mm
  • Wera screwdriver for slotted screws, 160i 1 0.8 x 4.0 x 100 mm
  • Wera screwdriver, Phillips, 162i PH PH1 x 80 mm



Secure hold thanks to serrated gripping surfaces and elastic precision tips.


Whether flat or round material, whether soft and hard wire: with the resilient gripping zones as well as and inductively hardened cutting edges, the pliers are versatile.


High-quality side cutter with inductively hardened precision cutting for a long service life.


Grasps any shape self-clamping: whether flat, round or square workpieces of different sizes.



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Amazon Germany More details at Amazon Germany

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  1. Avatar
    What is so good about these?
    Just very good quality, you buy these and never have to buy pliers again I guess. But really compared to other VDE sets it's not actually that much more expensive.
  2. Avatar
    An empty box like this with the foam would be handy. Can anyone help?
    Like this? amzn.eu/d/f37VV0G

    I just Googled "storage box with foam" (edited)
  3. Avatar
    This is an insane deal, shame I already have them all separately, and I definitely definitely not need any more... 😥
    Yeahh I thought so, was difficult to find places that sell them but individually they are alot more
  4. Avatar
    That's an excellent deal for the vde set
  5. Avatar
    I found out recently that you pronounce the k in Knipex. Seems very wrong, but it's how it should be said apparently (edited)
    No you don't, there's just one youtube channel that pronounces it that way if uou watch the knipex official videos they don't
  6. Avatar
    Great deal, Ordered. Been looking for decent set pliers.
  7. Avatar
    If you don't need VDE, the triple-set here for £48 (though currently out of stock) seems better value. I like Knipex for pliers/cutters and Wera for screwdrivers so probably wouldn't choose this set anyway

    Edit: Doh, just noticed that they ARE Wera screwdrivers in this set! I just assumed the screwdrivers were Knipex too. (edited)
    Lindstrom are better, but you pay for it
  8. Avatar
    Phoar, must resist
  9. Avatar
    🤦‍♂️ whyyyy (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Niiiiiice. She's going to kill me
  11. Avatar
    Omg for 6 tools £115 🫣😳 beat gif from your partners. I don’t know much about tools but I’m shocked at the price

    What £115, hmmm I guess i have zero clue (edited)
    7 tools, it's in the title
  12. Avatar
    Just a sec, let me double check...
    NOPE, it's STILL only January
  13. Avatar
    ‘Sod it - the company’s paying…’
  14. Avatar
    If ordered is there any import duties or fees applied?

    Thanks for any info.