Knorr Chicken Tonight low fat - honey and mustard 525g     Only 32p instore

Knorr Chicken Tonight low fat - honey and mustard 525g Only 32p instore

Found 8th Jul 2008Made hot 9th Jul 2008
Saw this in my local Asda today and bought a couple
A tangy and sweet cooking sauce for chicken made with honey and dijon-style mustard, with carrots & onions. Great with mashed potato or rice. Serves 4 hungry people.


Honey & mustard, sounds yummy.
Anyone tried this stuff?

i like this suce, going shopping down at asda tomorrow,will pick some up if any left!!

I know everyone has different tastes, but when I had this it was really awful!!!!

nooooooooooo, much fine ness................ great find..

Yeah i love this but my bf hates it! More for me! lol

I think this is a good find and a good buy. Shame the chicken isn't as cheap, lol.

Heat added fot the yummy product :-) xx

I couldnt actually finish the meal I made with this - was absolutely gross!!!!

Seems like its a bit like Marmite - you love it or hate it!!

Hot price so voted hot - but still stand by the fact it is gross!!! :-D

Not in my local asda :-(

Great price but I also can't stand this flavour, love the other sauces though! Just a shame that although it's low fat, a whole jar is worth 21 points on the Slimming World diet

This used to be really nice but they have now changed the recipe and it tastes horrible.

use separate ingredients and don't bother with this silly sauce. It'll take yo longer to prepare, but will be a 1000 times nicer & better for you

i feel like chicken tonight

I can't stand the honey & mustard one - all the other I love though. Voted hot for the price though.


Honey & mustard, sounds yummy.Anyone tried this stuff?

I have, often. It is one of my favourite meals.

i love this sauce, will send the mrs out straight away to buy some!


only if i liked honey and mustard lol voted hot for price
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