Knorr Ragu lasagne sauces £1.69 each or 2 for £1 @ Tesco

Knorr Ragu lasagne sauces £1.69 each or 2 for £1 @ Tesco

Found 24th Nov 2009
Red lasagne sauce 500g and white lasagne sauce 475g 2 for £1.
Red lasagne sauce £1.69, not sure what the white sauce is sorry!
Going back 2morrow to stock up on more I think.
Ends 1 December
Sorry still no clue how to add pic! :-(


Good find. They're on 3 for 1 in Morrisons as well at the moment at £1.69, but price per unit works out better at Tesco's...

Not really a fan of Ragu, but I suppose the white sauce is worth it for my next chilli lasagne.

they also have the ordinary pasta sauce for making bolognaise - just bought 8 and saving was nearly £10
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....or make a big pot from scratch, bag it up, and freeze it. Tastes better and is much cheaper!

bought two yesterday.. yummy yummy!!!

Got 2 of these today. Hot!
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