Knorr Stir It Up £0.29p @ Home Bargains

Knorr Stir It Up £0.29p @ Home Bargains

LocalFound 8th Nov 2009
Mexican, Jamacian, Californian available.
I think Knorr have stopped producing these, which is a shame because the Mexican made a brilliant fajita.
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Thanks for this - love fajitas so will try to get some of the mexican ones.
Big shame no more stir it ups. Shame also home bargains nowhere near brighton and the south coast.
still got these from last time!

still got these from last time!

Tek-monkey where did you get these from last?
Home and Bargain, about a month ago. They had these three plus a texas BBQ flavour I think.

Home and Bargain, about a month ago. They had these three plus a texas … Home and Bargain, about a month ago. They had these three plus a texas BBQ flavour I think.

Thanks, I've heard the Mexican are good but are the other flavours any good?
I cannot find these at my local home bargains they are out of stock, could anyone let me know which store has them in stock, in willing to travel for these. Thanks
good find - these are selling for a fortune on fleabay - shame i do not live near a store as i love the fahita ones!!
brillant thanks my 9 year old loved these have hunted everywhere for them .knorr have infact stop making them i phoned them to ask
Apart from when I looked at the fat content of these jars and couldn't believe what I saw! I have always used the fajita one and there's no other product close. Can anyone confirm they have stopped making these as I looked in Tesco the other day and couldn't find them? Shame my nearest HB is 100 miles away!!!!!

EDIT: Just read the previous post, what a shame
Oh no!!! Gutted!!!

The mexican fajita one is absolutely the best thing to stir into pasta in the whole world - I've not managed to get hold of it in any supermarkets for ages, now I know why.

Must get myself to HB ASAP and get as much of the stuff as I can. Are Knorr stupid?! The other flavours were cack (tho my OH likes the Texan BBQ), but the fajita one is great.

Thanks so much for the heads up.
Everyone should email Knorr and ask for them to do the fajita one again. I just have! I reckon it didn't sell much because it was always hidden away and the jars were so small nobody saw it. Also because of the amount of fat in it, it is pretty bad for you. But it tastes sooooo good!
We love the lemon pepper one with pasta and chicken. yum!
Ooh I love the Jamaican one, was so gutted when it disappeared :cry:

Anyone remember one called Italian Tomato or something like that? The recipe they gave was to cook cubed chicken breast in the sauce, put it on half a ciabatta with cheese on top and grill it - that was posssibly the lushest thing I have EVER eaten
Been looking for the Jamaica one but would try others. I don't think we have Home Bargains in Milton Keynes !
I rang a lot of the home bargains and they seem to be sold out everywhere.
We DO have Home Bargains in Milton Keynes (Bletchley). I cleared the shelf (all 4 jars!) California Lemon. Will swap for other flavour if anyone is interested. Lots on Ebay for £3 each.
Just checked the unilever site and looks like they could be back…tml

will have to keep my eyes peeled in the supermarket now.
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