Knorr vegetable stock cubes (Pack of 4) 25p @ B&M Bargains

Knorr vegetable stock cubes (Pack of 4) 25p @ B&M Bargains

Found 19th Apr 2013
4 Knorr vegetable stock cubes for 25p at B&M - fantastic price for these!

£1.52 for a pack of 8 in asda.

Also, Tesco have them on promotion - 8 cubes for £1 or the value packs (20 cubes) for £2 which is actually a good price for them by usual standards but you can get 32cubes for £2 from B&M with the above deal - if you dont have a B&M near you then looks like tesco have next best offer.
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Bargain!! Off to b&m tomorrow will keep an eye out!
I gave these a try at 2 packs for £2 - they were disgusting - that's why they're 25p now
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Best vegetable stock cubes I've had!
I'm assuming they're 25p because the size box is being discontinued or something, not because they're "disgusting".. if that was the case then everywhere else would be clearing their stock.
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