Knowlege Is Power (PS4/Playlink) £9.99 Delivered @ TheGameCollection

Knowlege Is Power (PS4/Playlink) £9.99 Delivered @ TheGameCollection

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Who doesn't love a good gameshow? They're great for bringing friends and family together, having a laugh, and proving you're intellectually superior to the lot of them.

If this sounds like your idea of a fun time, you'll enjoy Knowledge is Power for the PS4. It's a PlayLink game, so no need for extra controllers - everyone can join in using their phone or tablet. Just download the app, connect over Wi-Fi, and off you go.

Up to six players can enter the fabled Pyramid of Knowledge, running from room to room as you try to work out who's the pharaohest of them all. It's not just about trivia, but tactics too - you can slow your opponents down with strategic Power Plays and tricky touch-screen challenges.

Players also get to choose the question categories, voting for their favourites and vetoing those they're less keen on. It's just like Britain's Got Talent, except with less talking dogs and high-waisted trousers.

Game Features

  • Bye bye buttons – As a PlayLink game, Knowledge is Power can be played with phones and tablets, using touchscreen controls. It's simple - if your Grandma can use Facebook, she can do this.
  • Be the star of the show – Because few of us can go an hour without taking a picture of our own face these days, Knowledge is Power lets you customise your characters with selfies. You're guided through the Pyramid of Knowledge by Max, a gameshow host with charm, confidence, and more teeth than a toothpaste ad.
  • Let's talk tactics – Don't worry if you're rubbish at quiz questions - use Power Plays like bombs and ice to sabotage your smarter opponents. You can even gang up with others, forming alliances and devising devious plots to bring your rivals down. It's just like regular family life!
  • Explore the Pyramid of Knowledge –What have the Egyptians ever done for us, apart from invent written language, paper, and mints? Well, they inspire 21st century video game quizzes, of course. The rooms in the Pyramid of Knowledge contain thousands of questions to choose from, and you can vote for or veto them as you go. Make it to the top and you'll compete in the Grand Finale - a frantic mashup of rapid-fire questions and dastardly Power Plays that will see one winner crowned, and everyone else crying for their mummies.
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Thanks this was on the Xmas list
looks great! Wish there was something like this for Xbox, Switch or Wii U!
Edited by: "josh971" 24th Nov 2017
Was mildly interested in this but I'll take a punt at this price.
Interesting but i wanted a new buzz game.
Bah! I'll give it a go at this price. Cheers.
josh9713 h, 46 m ago

looks great! Wish there was something like this for Xbox, Switch or Wii U!

Check jackbox party pack
Was looking at this following the PlayStation Access video on this (on their YouTube channel), a massive bargain at under a tenner.
sixfoureight1 h, 43 m ago

Check jackbox party pack

Thanks for the thought but unforttunately not a fan. I Crave buzz and scene it
Edited by: "josh971" 24th Nov 2017
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