Kobo Aura Black -  £30 off at WH Smith

Kobo Aura Black - £30 off at WH Smith

Found 3rd Nov 2014
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Literally just purchased this. Was going to buy online but I thought I would try in-store and its the same price Nice upgrade from my basic slow non-touch non-backlit Kobo
Wow very good price for the paperwhite beater. Get it now before it goes.
thanks, was looking for this for weeks finally got a promotion!
Is this better then paperwhite 2

I like the fact it has pocket integration
Are there any hacks apps worth installing knowing about on kobo

Yes and no. Apps dont belong on ereaders. Maybe stick to s tablet.
Good price.
This is equivalent to the paperwhite 2 in quality, but different - screen's as good but there are different features, book format etc, so it's a matter of which you prefer.
If you've not got either and are looking for a good reader, then I'd try this at this price.
I've got the Paperwhite, but that's only because it came out first.
Check out the bulge in the back of this one though - the paperwhite is thin and flat, the Aura I tried in Smiths has a contoured back with a bulge in it that I didn't like. Presumably for the battery?
Book format is no problem either way - a free program Calibre holds all yr books in a library, moves them to your reader, and easily converts from epub to mobi./AZW3 and back. without you needing to understand it.
Doesn't this one accept any format can you do it via cloud wifi as in Download via Dropbox or something directly on device
so if i had an epub /pdf on my computer or smartphone (not from kobo store) how can i transfer this to the kobo easily? is it only via usb?
Easy to transfer/add pdfs of epubs and other formats. Even comics. its all very easy. Re the bulging back comment. Thats nonsense. Its slightly angled and gives it a modern twist. Its very slim and is a joy to use trust me. Look at some videos online.
Wakkaday. Adobe ade is simple you can just drag and drop epubs. Calibre program is also very easy and you can of course put files on a microsd as Kobo devices have a microsd slot. card unlike a kindle.
Looking at reviews is the screen more yellow then white? Also Can you send files to it remotely over wifi? Or is only via the sd card or usb transfer, I know this is a minor thing but is there for example a kobo app for ios android which will sync with this device, just like kindle software
Waiting to recieve it from wh smith...
Or just buy a book.
Holy cow. I don't work for kobo. Ive got mine and love it 3mins on google will give you all your answers.

Lolyeright. It does that too.
So. I have a book third party I imported to my android version of kobo and I tried syncing etc and on the actual e reader it's now showing.... Im guessing this will not work and you need a pc for syncing any third party books to the device. It's kind of annoying compared to kindle etc which I'm guessing would sync without need of a pc
I'm surprised that this didn't become hot. I'm going to get one of these for the missus.
Awesome, I've been enjoying my Touch but am missing the light feature. Xmas present for me sorted
Heat added.
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