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KOBO Sage 8" eReader - 32 GB, Black - £174.97 @ Currys

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Seems a good deal as this is a good £70 less than on Amazon.

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The immersive reading experience

Introducing Kobo Sage, our most accomplished eReader ever. Designed to inspire you with every read, Kobo Sage delivers every feature Kobo offers in one sleek package, plus Bluetooth® wireless technology so you can listen to Kobo Audiobooks.

The luxurious 8" HD flush E Ink Carta 1200 touchscreen delivers superior performance and depth of contrast, with zero glare. Take your Kobo Sage experience even further with elegant, custom designed accessories. Kobo Sage SleepCover and new PowerCover were purpose-built to provide protection and a premium experience.

And with Kobo Stylus compatibility, you can dive further into your favourite read by capturing your ideas on-the-go and saving them to other devices with Dropbox Support.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having every feature at your fingertips, and knowing you'll have our best, most immersive reading experience.

A screen that looks and feels better
Kobo Sage's 8" flush, high definition E Ink Carta 1200 touchscreen offers deep contrast, super-clear readability, and faster page turns on an expansive display. Dark Mode offers a new way to reduce eyestrain.

A versatile tool for devoted readers
Kobo Sage was designed from the ground up with a quad-core CPU and faster, dual band WiFi to deliver top performance in one elegant package. Sleek and lightweight, Kobo Sage feels perfect in your hands in landscape or portrait mode. Page-turn buttons keep the story moving with one hand. Ergonomically designed and fully waterproof, Kobo Sage is with you from the conference table to the bath tub. Welcome to the lap of luxury.

Read or be read to
Kobo Audiobooks support with Bluetooth® wireless technology lets you dive into a story when your hands are tied.

Capture your imagination and every thought
Kobo Sage works seamlessly with Kobo Stylus (sold separately), to allow you to make handwritten notes in eBooks and PDFs. Kobo Sage's built-in notebook feature keeps all of your notes at hand and can convert your writing to clean text. The possibilities are limitless.

Unlock unlimited potential
Share everything with Dropbox Support. Add your own eBooks and documents wirelessly, export notebooks you've made with Kobo Stylus, and keep everything on-hand with cloud storage.

From morning routine to after hours
Kobo Sage's eye-catching display with ComfortLight PRO allows for brightness and blue light control—adjusting colour temperature to give your eyes a break—so you can stay in the story longer, without affecting your sleep.

Multiple ways to read
Choose from the integrated Kobo eBookstore, library book borrowing, and Pocket support for reading your saved online articles.


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    I have the Sage. The big screen is great. Battery life is unbelievably poor. Note taking is a gimmick and needs a Microsoft compatible pen.

    If you can get a deal on the Libra 2 .... Consider that instead.... Both are better than Kindles btw
    How bad is the battery please?
  2. Avatar
    How does Kobo ecosystem compares to Amazon's? Is the book selection just as good?
    In terms of books that you'd want to buy, kobo store and Amazon are much of a muchness. Prices are usually the same and availability is equal.

    Some self published books won't be available but generally these aren't worth wasting your time on.

    The big advantage to the kobo is that it almost certainly integrates with your local library meaning free book loans.

    If you're technically inclined, have a look at calibre and dedrm. It gives you access to all sorts of free repositories like Gutenberg and will even allow you to move books from Amazon to kobo (not sure of the legalities of the Amazon stuff)

    Having both kobo and Amazon Kindle, I'll never go back to Kindle
  3. Avatar
    I absolutely love my kobo
  4. Avatar
    Bought a Kobo last year to access E-books from my local library, unfortunately I couldn't access library books as they don't support Kobo. Double check with your library if that's your reason for buying one. I can access books using the Borrowbox App on either my iPad or phone,
  5. Avatar
    Kobo is a really great ereader. I personally have a Kobo Libra 2 with the Plato plugin installed and I was really pleased with this device. Minimal UI and it's really fast. I have used Kindle before and moving to another ecosystem was not a biggie. (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Great post. Thanks
  7. Avatar
    That’s a brilliant price!
  8. Avatar
    I thought Ereaders were suppose to be a portable option compared to a book. This is bigger than a book!
    There's something nice about the size of this. It makes for a more relaxing read with less eye strain.

    It gives a better reading experience than smaller paper white type devices.

    But yes, you'll slip it into a bag rather than a pocket
  9. Avatar
    Can you write notes over a PDF?
    Not usually, no.

    But I believe that some PDF 'formats', are more maluble than that of others, etc?

    The Kobo may (or may not), be one of them ...
  10. Avatar
    Wouldn't a 10 inch Android tablet (set to 'reading mode', etc), be a better alternative, or whatever?

    And not to mention, a (arguably) cheaper option too, by the way?

    Or ...

    These e readers have a paper like display which is easier on the eyes than a tab.
    They don't emit blue light so better when you're going to sleep.
    They are relatively small.
    You can use them in bright sunlight. In fact they are best in bright sun light

    Horses for courses.... Only buy an ereader if you want to read black and white print and nothing else